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Copy of Copy of Copy of Pre-Dental Society at LSU

No description

Colleen Kimball

on 10 March 2015

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Transcript of Copy of Copy of Copy of Pre-Dental Society at LSU

Tues. Jan. 27
Tues. Feb. 10
Wed. Feb. 25
Tues. March 10
Wed. March 18
Wed. April 15
Tues. April 28
Spring 2015 Meetings
Pre-Dental Society at LSU
$30 cash
$31 card
Collected at each meeting!
Everyone is expected to attend the event as a volunteer or runner. We will need lots of help.
Confirmation emails will be sent out to participants on March 15th and every Sunday following.
Be sure to share the
Facebook event!
Job Opportunities
Deadline to register is March 17th
The New Orleans Dental Conference & LDA Annual Session is being held in New Orleans at the New Orleans Morial Convention Center from April 9-11, 2015.
This year they are allowing university students to attend the event, walk around the exhibition hall, and attend lectures (space permitting) for
Come get copies of the schedule & brochure of the convention after the meeting!
All points should be up to date. Please turn in shadowing hours and outside service forms sooner than later!
If you have any questions or concerns please contact Abby at
Also, if you think you will be earning general or specialty membership you need to email Abby by this
Friday, March 13th
, letting her know if you are dental or hygiene. This will determine who your name is sent to - Dr. Cheramie or Mrs. Mason.
Please, if you have not already, add yourself to Moodle!!! There are about 50 of you not on Moodle!
Membership outline on lsupredent.org
Get Involved!
Dr. Ashley Griffon, DDS
is looking for someone to do instrument sterilization, room turnover and set-up, model pouring, and many more tasks that will give any student a big advantage in both applying to dental/hygiene school.
Prefer someone to work
all day (7-4) on Tues & Thurs but if that is not possible, at least (11-4)
. The job pays $10 per hour but the experience will be invaluable. I need someone who can work until the end of May and possibly the summer also.
Please send any resumes to: frontdesk@griffonsgentledental.com or fax to: (225)925-2311.
Interested in Attending?
Please email Richa at
with name, classification, and email address.
for more information!
NODC/LDA Convention
Service Opportunities
BREC’s Baton Rouge Zoo Zippity Zoo Fest: April 11-12th (3.5 pts/shift)
Help with face painting, assisting with fun stations and other areas during the BR Zoo’s Spring festival!

Advantage Dental Care’s “Dentistry From the Heart”: Friday, March 20th (7:30-1:00/ 12:30-5:00)
Still need volunteers to sign up for free dental clinic in Port Allen!
Healing Hands Dental Bus: Thursday,
March 26th (4:30PM-8:00PM) 3.5 pts
This month’s free Dental Bus clinic will be at Dr. Thomas Nash’s office off Bluebonnet Blvd.
Sign up will be sent tonight after the meeting, so if you want to attend… keep your eyes on your e-mail!
Dental Dash 5K
Social Media
Community Moodle Page
Twitter: @LSUPreDental
Instagram: @LSUPreDentalSociety
& Sweatshirts
Dr. Henagan
5K & 1-Mile Fun Run/Walk
March 22, 2015 at Highland Park BREC
8:00-8:15 AM Registration
8:30 AM 1-Mile Fun Run/Walk
9:00 AM 5K
10:20 AM Raffle Drawing
$30 Pre-Registered, $35 Registration at Event
Dental Dash 5K
Price includes t-shirt and meal
Race prizes via age groups
* Prizes needed!
$20 fundraising donation to cover facilities & insurance

** I will be in the front following the meeting to collect forms/donations and answer any questions! **
What this means for points...
General Membership
At least 1 runner
1 sponsor
Specialty Membership
2 runners

1 sponsor & 1 runner

2 sponsors

What this means for points...
Please start looking for: runners and especially
donated items
(gift cards, sport memorabilia, free services, etc.)
All forms are now available for sign-up including our PayPal link included on the website at
Deadline for company’s to be included on the t-shirts is
March 6th
Be sure to follow up with your sponsors. Please provide them with SmileTrain’s tax ID number to be used for their tax deductions.

Dental Dash
Mark Your Calendars!
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