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Human Impact on Prairie Dogs

No description

misty amber

on 7 December 2012

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Transcript of Human Impact on Prairie Dogs

Human Impact On Prairie Dogs Introduction to Prairie Dogs
Prairie Dogs are cute little animals that are immensely overpopulated. These animals, although cute, are causing us a lot of problems. Our Problem
The cause of this issue is that their original territory has been destructed for farms and other industries enabling them to live there. So, they travel closer to many homes and make them their homes in which the original owners do not appreciate. The humans use poison to try and get rid of them to avoid any cases of Bubonic Plague. Their Problem
Due to the large population of Prairie Dogs, they need a lot of room to live. But, us humans, keep taking their land to build industrial buildings and new homes.
For a place to live, the Prairie Dogs started moving into our homes. They now hide in our basements, under our porches, and all over our lands. In order to get rid of them, we’ve been using poison control. The problem with that is that if the Prairie Dogs don’t die immediately, then their predator who finds them may die of the poison as well. This is beginning to damage the food chain drastically. How Does It Effect The Prairie Dog Prairie Dogs that no longer have an ecosystem to live in moves to the neighborhoods of humans and live in or outside of their home. Because of this, Prairie Dogs can cause humans and their pets to catch diseases that they carry. Some of these diseases can cause death. How Are Humans Affected?

Prairie dogs carry a foreign disease called Sylvatic Plague that is known as Bubonic Plague when found in humans. Current Or Future Solutions To Help Stop The . Problem
A current solution to stopping the use of poison control on Prairie Dogs is many petitions are being signed that are against poison control. Also, there have been meetings with the people about how it is a negative or positive way to exterminate the animal.
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