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INVESTIGATORY PROject: making perfume out of flowers

No description

Zyrah Roque

on 12 March 2014

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Transcript of INVESTIGATORY PROject: making perfume out of flowers

INVESTIGATORY PROject: making perfume out of flowers

Problem and Hypothesis
> How long does its fragrance lasts?
>How did you come up with that specific scent?

>Since we haven't used any chemicals, we are not expecting its fragrance to last. BUT, compared to those branded perfumes, our perfume is natural and can also go along with them.
>We used rose petals and oil which when we combined, turned into 'Jovan White Musk'-like scent.
What you need:
rose petals (approximately 2 roses)
4 bottles of essential oil
1 cup of water
1 jar
stirring rod
Mortar and pestle
Perfume bottle
Our study shows the longer time we soak the oil and petals, the longer its scent lasts. Perfume has made a big impact on our society especially for the generations to come. Our ingredients were natural and chemical-free.
PERFUME: A Background Study
PERFUMES were made to capture one's emotion. It builds a wonderful ambiance. Its fragrance evokes countless recollections: the memory of the first encounter and it recalls something which is unique about him/her.
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