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Adolf Hitler

EQ: How did Hitlers Beliefs affect other people?

Christine ais

on 14 November 2013

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Transcript of Adolf Hitler

How did the Nazis Help Hitler?
The Nazis did many things to hurt the Jewish people. They killed and injured the Jews. They Nazis also destroyed Jewish stores or synagogue.
They listened to Hitler’s speech's, which were very powerful and encouraging to the Nazis. They also participated in world war 1 and 2.
What was the Holocaust?
The Holocaust was a terrible time for many people in Europe. Hitler and his Nazis took over many countries including Austria, Poland, Denmark, Norway, France, The Netherlands, and Western Russia. He sent many people to Concentration camps where they were treated badly. Many died in the holocaust. About 11 million people.
By : Christine Ais
EQ: How did Hitler's Beliefs Affects other people?
Hitler affected many people with his beliefs. Especially Jewish people. He disliked anybody who he thought was not pure German. Hitler sent many of these people to concentration camps where they died of cold, disease, and lack of food
Why did Hitler dislike Jewish People?
In Austria, the stock market fell down. Many people blamed it on the Jewish. Also, when there was World war one, Germany lost.They also blamed their failure on the Jews. One of those people was Hitler. When Hitler became chancellor of Austria, many people were afraid. Hitler was making a plan to kill all the Jewish people of Europe.
6 million Jews died and 5 million other Europeans. Hitler also put in prison Political Groups, Criminals, Homosexuals, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Immigrants, and Jews.
How did Hitler affect Anne Frank?
Anne Frank was a typical Jewish girl. She and her family soon moved to the Netherlands after Hitler became chancellor of Austria. When they heard that Hitler and the Nazis were taking over The Netherlands, Anne's father created a hiding place. Anne called It the Secret Annex. Anne and the other 7 hiders, soon got discovered on August 4, 1944. They were all sent to Concentration camps were they all died, except for Anne's father, Otto.
Anne Frank (Sid Jacobson and Ernie Colon)
Yours, Anne The life of Anne Frank (Lois Metzger)
Anne Frank (Laura Hamilton Waxman)
6th Grade Teachers
Family Members
Adolf Hitler
More on Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler was born April 20, 1889 in
Braunau, Austria. His father's name was
Alois and hi mothers name was Klara.
Adolf had four siblings, Paula, Gustav, Ida,
and Edmund. His other four siblings died.
Gustav, Ida, and Edmund did not survive to
adult hood. Paula and Adolf were the only
two of Klara and Alois to survive. Briefly,
Paula died on June 1, 1960 at the age of 64.
Adolf and his father were never close. Adolf wanted to be an artist, but his father wanted to be a Civil Servant. Hitler's father died 1903.
Hitler thought he would finally have some freedom and accomplish his dreams. His mother also supported him. But in 1908, his mother died. With no family, Hitler became very poor. He was able to sell a few of his paintings to make a living. In 1913, Hitler got enlisted into the German army for World War 1. He served for 4 years. Then in 1919, he got a job in the army as a political training official. Soon, Hitler was told to join and report to a group called The German workers Party. Hitler gave out amazing speeches, which impressed the the leaders of the group. Hitler briefly quit his job in the army and devoted himself to the group. Then the German workers party changed it name to the Nazi Party. The Nazi was so successful. Many new members joined. Then, in 1922, Hitler became leader of the party. Then in 1933, Hitler became chancellor of Germany. When the President of Germany Died, all power went to Hitler. Suddenly, Hitler started his horrific actions.
Anne Frank
Did Hitler’s childhood Affect his actions as a grownup?
Hitler had lost all his family in 1908. In my opinion, when he got sent to the Germans Workers Party, he had nothing else to do. So he devoted basically his life to they Germans Workers Party. He was probably so involved and motivated by being a political leader, that he tried to do everything he could to help make Germany a better place. But, he probably didn’t notice all the heart and lives that he killed.
A concentration camp was were Hitler sent many people to work or to even die. These concentration camps were located all over Germany. The prisoners did harsh work. If they were caught no working, they would be shot. They slept in filthy block buildings on hard beds. They got little to eat each day. Sometimes they didn't get any to eat each day. Men were separated from women.
What was a concentration camp?
How did Hitler start world war Two?
World war two was started because Hitler and his Nazis invaded Poland. In Result, France and Britain declared war on Germany.
You Guys Were awesome!
Thank You For Watching My I-Search on Prezi!
Hitler's Paintings
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