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Copy of Weather Map Symbols

No description

Lynn Patterson

on 1 October 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Weather Map Symbols


By Thomas Zigarevich
What are weather symbols?
Weather Symbols are the symbols that represent a
type of weather
The most common symbols are a big H (high) and a big L(low).
The capital letter is behind a line of bumps or triangles or both.
Warm fronts bring some heat and clear skies. This is where warm air overtakes the cold air.
Cold fronts bring rain or precipition and dark skies. This is when moving cold air overtakes the warm air.
A stationary front makes a storm just seem to stop in one area. This happens when a warm front and cold front meet head on.
An occluded front is where a warm front is caught between two cold fronts.
This is the symbol for a low pressure system.
This is symbol the for High pressure system.
Here are the weather tools needed for weather forcasting.
It shows how hot or how cold the air is.
Measures the amount of rain fall.
Indicates the direction the wind is coming from.
Measures wind speed.
Meteorologists use these to show the weather patterns to us.
Measures the amount of water vapor in the air.
Weather Balloon
Carries an instrument pack high into
the atmosphere and sends the
information back.
Here are some pictures taken from 2 weather balloons.
Shows direction-North,South,
East,and west
Used to monitor Earth's weather from space
and send the information back.
Let's see the weather forecast for March 1, 2012, from 10tv news.
Let's watch a Brainpop.
We're going to watch another Brainpop.
Please turn to page 602 in your Science text book and look at the figure at the top of the page.
Does it look like a music note? This icon represents cloud cover, wind direction and wind speed. Also it shows temp., atmosphere pressure in millbars and what type of precipitation is falling.
One thing it doesn't talk about is the dewpoint.
time for my Questions
An instrument used in meteorology to measure atmospheric pressure
Predicting Weather
Meteorologists use weather balloons and weather satellites to predict weather. Weather balloons use cameras to watch big cloud movements. Weather satellites use a infred lasers like laser pointers.
The first weather satellite sent into
space was named Tiros-1.
Some weather forcasting information comes from weather stations on the ground but most comes from satellites up in the statosphere.
Isobars are lines joining places
on the map having the same meaning
equal pressure. Isotherms are lines that
have the same temperature.(Isotherms
can be in both Fahrenheit and/or Celsius.
Where are places you would find a weather map?
The newspaper.
The newspaper has the weather map and
the 7 day forecast. The newspaper also uses the
music note symbols.
Have you heared of the butterfly
effect. Well, the flapping of a butterfly's
wings can cause a storm later in the week.
Gathering data is the first step in forcasting weather.
Most weather predictions uses math, angles, etc.
Many tv stations do the weather reports, such as
10tv news, fox, 4tv, etc.
Meteorologists tell us about the data collected by the weather tools.
A measuring tool is the ruler.
•Dogs and cats act more frisky or nervous.
•Cats tend to clean behind their ears before a storm.
•Frogs will croak louder and for a longer time.
For bad weather animals act like....
or a headache
Using computers allows you to accurately forcast the weather 7 days in advance.
•Bees and butterflies seem to disappear.
•Dolphins come into bays to find shelter.
•Seagulls stop flying and find shelter on the coast.
•Birds fly lower to the ground and gather on tree limbs or power lines.
Ants Build up thier mounds to have steep sides.
Spiders leave their webs.
Cows lay down in the field to have a dry spot to lie in.
Humans have joint pain or stuffy noses.
The way the triangles and half circles is the way the front moves.
You can use animals & insects to predict weather.
You can be your own
weather man or woman.
Those were some of the typical weather used for daily weather forcasting.
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