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Dragons Of Runescape

HERE BE DRAGONS!! Discover the many diffrent types of dragons found throughout runescape from baby blues to the QBD!

Sean Estep

on 6 May 2013

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Transcript of Dragons Of Runescape

bronze dragons Steel dragons King Black Dragon photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli HERE BE DRAGONS! The Dragons Of Runescape Chromatic Dragon Basics Green Dragons There are 2 types of green dragons. Regular and brutal. The regular ones are found in the wilderness, while the brutal ones are inside an underwater cave. Brutal's are also the stronger of the two. Red dragons The red dragons are the second most powerful. And, like the blue dragons, have a baby and adult form. they are both found in the brimhaven dungeun. While the adults can also be found in the wilderness. Metal Dragons These dragons have the same attacks as the chromatic but their ranged attack is a fire blast, similar to the chromatic dragons fire breath, that deals more damage. Their hides are made of metal and are some of the strongest dragons in Runescape. These dragons do not have a baby form. Steel dragons are the third weakest metal dragon and are in the exact same place as the iron dragons. However, they are stronger as their hides are made of steel and their power is increased. Mithril dragons These are the strongest metallic dragon and are rarely hunted. They are found near the brutal green dragons but will attack if you come too close. It is advised to bring food or a friend to help fight these dragons. All dragons have a small ranged attack that was added after the Evolution of Combat upgrade. The dragons also use melee and magic attacks that require close range. To defend against said magic attack a dragon fire, or anti dragon shield is needed. dragon fire shield Regular Green dragon Brutal green dragon Blue dragons Blue dragons are the second weakest dragon type. They also have two different forms. Baby blues and adults. The baby blues have a small ranged attack and cannot use fire. The adults have a stronger ranged attack and can use fire. both are found within the taverly dungeun. Adults Babies Adults babies black dragons. Black dragons are the strongest of the chromatic dragons and very hard to get to. Like all other chromatic dragons they come with a baby and adult form. Both of which are found deep in the taverly dungeun. The bronze dragons are the weakest metallic dragon and are found deep within the brimhaven dungeun. Their hides are made of bronze so they are not to difficult to defeat. Iron dragons These dragons are found in the same area as the bronze dragons but are harder to defeat and have iron hides. they are the second weakest metal dragon. This is the literal king of all dragons! He has three heads and multiple breath weapons that are mostly range. Don't think his level means anything the king is a powerful foe and it is advised to bring food and friends to fight him. You will need to be wary of him although you can enter his lair through the wilderness or a small relic near Edgeville. The Queen black dragon!! behold the ultimate dragon. This is the very first dragon according to Runescape lore. It is the highest level monster in Runescape and has a danger level to prove it. Fighting her is a one-on-one battle to the death. The only way out is teleporting, winning or death. Although the QBD is too powerful to be killed you reactivate the enchantment keeping her asleep. It is advised to bring a shield, super anti fire potions, and a lot of food, a few teleportation runes might help as well. She was also sealed into a shard world, different dimension, to stop her from destroying this world. QBD's lair player getting eaten by qbd. QBD realesed poster QBD Pictures and info from Runescape wiki Frost dragons Frost dragons are found in a resource dungeun requiring 86 dungeuneering to enter. They are widely sought after for their bones as you can get 300k per inventory. They attack in a similar manner to the metal dragons. Hope this helps Happy Dragon hunting! :P Anti dragon shield This prezi was made before the introduction of the Kalaphite King. The QBD is no longer the most powerful boss monster in Runescape
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