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Writing Tools

Paragraphs and Self-Criticism

Kara Horowitz

on 1 May 2010

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Transcript of Writing Tools

Double click anywhere & add an idea Self Criticism Limit Self Criticism at the Beginning Paragraphs Writing Tools Roy Peter Clark #42 and #43 Dorthea Brande
"Becoming a Writer" (1934) To become a fluent writer, silence the critic early on
During the early stages of creation, write freely
"While you are training yourself into facility in writing... the less you turn a critical eye upon your own material, the better"
-Dorthea Brande Gail Godwin
"The Watcher at the Gate" (1974) Watchers are the restraining critics who live inside you "Watchers are notorious pencil sharpeners, home repairers, and abhorrers of messy room and messy pages...And they would rather die (and kill your inspiration with them) than risk making a fool of themselves."
-Gail Godwin WEAPONS
writing fast
writing at odd times
writing when you're tired
writing in surprising forms from which no one expects excellence
Brenda Ueland
"If You Want to Write" (1938) "All people who try to write...become anxious, timid, contracted, become perfectionists, so terribly afraid that they may put something down that is not as good as Shakespeare"
-Brenda Ueland FIND A FRIEND
who loves you
who thinks you're interesting
who thinks you're important
who thinks you're very funny
who want to know what YOU have to say
If you have no such friend.... Imagine one Turn Self Criticism LOOSE
during revision "The self conscious application of all this writing advice will paralyze you if you try to apply it too early, or if you misapply it as orthodoxy" In other words,

OVERBOARD You must know when to use what tools


Wait until the revision period to criticize your work Write freely and without anxiety
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