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jatara webb kaitlyn henkels

No description

Jefferson Middle

on 7 November 2012

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Transcript of jatara webb kaitlyn henkels

The Rain Forest. By Jatara and Kaitlyn Here are the 6 types of plant's in the Rain Forest. Average Temperature day time;34 c<93F>
Night time is 20 c<68F> Here is the weather that is in the Rain-
Forest. They affect our eco system because
they are always cuting down our trees
and taking our animal's This is how people affect our eco -
system. These are the 8 types of animal's in a Rain Forest. 1.The Beetle
2.Tree Frog
3.The Predator
4.The Tree boa snake
5.The Heart beat Eagle
6.The Spider Monkey
7.The Toucan
8.The Blue Morpho 1.The Orchid plant
2.The Pitcher plant
3.The Canopy plant
4.The Fern plant
5.The Lichien's plant
6.The Matapalo plant And our ecosystem is located in Asia Australia,and Africa,South American 9.3 million sq inches. Here are some Fact's about the Rain
Forest it is wet,Shady,Cold,and Windy
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