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Asynchronous Online Tutoring at the Writing Center

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Catie Page

on 23 May 2013

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Transcript of Asynchronous Online Tutoring at the Writing Center

How to upload your paper for revision! Asynchronous Online Tutoring The asynchronous writing lab is intended to provide Distance Education students with detailed, personal help with writing needs.

For Distance Education students with busy lives, the asynchronous tutoring option allows students to upload documents for comments from a Writing Center consultant. The revised document is then re-uploaded for the student to access.

To learn HOW to schedule an asynchronous online appointment click forward in this presentation. If you have not done so already, you will need to create a MyWCOnline account by selecting "Click Here to Register" on the home page.

Then, log in with your student email and personal password.

Make sure to select "OWL - Distance Ed" from the drop down menu.

Then click "Log in." Step One: Navigate to ecu.mywconline.com and log in to your MyWCOnline account. After clicking "Save Appointment," a new window will appear. Your Appointment is now Saved! Check back at the top of the hour following your appointment. Your paper should be returned to you with comments.

You can find it attached to your saved appointment. That's it. You're all set! Welcome to ECU's Asynchronous Online Writing Lab! Once Logged in you will see the following window: The white boxes indicate an open appointment. Select an open appointment that fits best with your schedule. A new window will appear. Fill in all white boxes, and be as specific as possible when describing your assignment and writing concerns. This helps your consultant give proper feedback. Then click "Save Appointment." Make sure the drop down menu at the top of the appointment screen says "Yes - Schedule eTutoring Appointment." This is where you attach your paper to your appointment. Select "Click Here" to begin this process. You will see a different screen. Select "Choose File" and find your document on your computer. Then, name your document in the white box and click "Upload File." Finally, select "Close Window" to finish the uploading process. Should you forget to attach your paper, log back in to MyWCOnline, and click on the yellow folder in the top left corner. A new window will appear. Select the name of your consultant and applicable appointment time from the drop menu. Then, select and upload your document. Your asynchronous appointment is scheduled.

We at the Writing Center look forward to serving our fellow Distance Education Pirates.

If you have any questions about the scheduling process, feel free to email us at onlinewriting@ecu.edu. Or call (252) 328-2820 to speak directly to a consultant.
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