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Iron Age

No description

jacob ellis

on 6 February 2014

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Transcript of Iron Age

Social impact
Beside the fact that people were now able to easily to get everyday work done they also could make better weapons and tools to get the work done. Also they had differing agricultural practices, and religious beliefs, and artistic styles.
Cultural impact
Political impact
The iron age had a political impact on society by people finding out of other places having this iron and then them wanting it so it gave to trade.
Iron Age
About the Iron age
By: Jacob Ellis
Around 3000 BC iron was a scarce and precious metal. The iron age is the period generally occurring after the bronze age, with the prevalent use of iron and steel. The earlier period of the age is characterized by the widespread use of iron and steel.
Economic impact
The impact economically was that the mass finding and having of iron stimulated the economy from people selling amongst others.
Social impact
The social impact of the iron jewelry being made during the iron age is that the wealthy bunch of women could now show their wealth and power off to everyone.
The human achievements have now increased due to the new armor and tools and buildings they can build from the new material called iron
Iron tools, weapons
Iron jewelry
Cultural impact
The cultural impact of iron jewelry is that people can now show their wealth and power in the culture and area they are living in amongst their disciples.
Political impact
The political impact on iron jewelry is that it shows your royalty.
Economic impact
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