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What Proof Is There That Pangea Existed?

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Freddie Badham

on 26 September 2013

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Transcript of What Proof Is There That Pangea Existed?

What Proof Is There That Pangaea Existed?
By Freddie Badham 9Green

3. Fossils
Remains of the therapsid Lystrosaurus, the freshwater reptile Mesosaurus and the plant Glossopteris have been found in different continents separated by thousands of miles of ocean. Also, identical rock types found on the shores of places miles apart help make this argument even more valid.
4. Continuing movement of continents
Extremely accurate measuring techniques prove that today continents are still moving! For example, when Japan was hit by an earthquake in 2011 it moved closer to the USA by 8 feet. To the right is a picture of what the earth is thought to look like in 50 million years time.
For these reasons, it seems certain that the continents we know now almost certainly started off as one large landmass. Thank you for watching.
Welcome to my Presentation!
I am going to show you four reasons why it is almost certain that the continents we know today started as one "Super Continent". Hope you enjoy!
1. Eastern South-America fits with Western Africa
It would be a very large coincidence that these continents that are 1,770 miles apart fit almost perfectly together. This was one of the first reasons noticed.
2. Mountain Ranges extend over continents.
The Appalachian Mountains stretch across Eastern America but mountains in Ireland, Britain and Scandinavia have been proven to have originated from the same mountain range. That means they must have been connected at some point!
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