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Joslyn Silva

on 13 January 2015

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Transcript of Nursing

A registered nurse is a person male or female who is trained to care for the other people who are in need, such as the elderly, children, the injured, and the sick.
Joslyn Silva
Mrs. Garcia
Period 3

Nursing first started in the year 1858
Nursing began in New Britain
It all started because of wars
Checking up on your patients
Charting everything
Giving patients medication that is approved
Education and Training
Community colleges, vocational schools and universities are traditional routes for nursing
Must pass NCLEX exam
Clinical rotations--different experiences
Certificates: CPR, cardiac care, specialties
From the year 2004-2012 salary has gone up from $50,000 to $70,000 a year
RN nurses made an average salary of $67,930/yr.
They have the benefit of helping others
Salary & Benefits
Role Model
The role model I choose was Rita Shah
Gives patients appropriate care when needed
Succeeded in the medical field by becoming a supervisor
Been in the medical field for 23 years

Nursing is a career that requires
a lot of dedication and patience for others, yet
is a career full of many benefits and satisfaction.
Learning Stretch
Many patients
Lots of paperwork
On your feet
Heavy lifting
Exposed to hazards
12 hour shifts

Rewards and challenges
Research skills
Presentation skills
Life skills
The career of nursing
High School Experience
Bad academic experiences
North Park High School

5-year plan
Final Thought
The opportunity to help others
Make a living wage, while nurturing your compassion
Dealing with patients, having to go to school, and seeing people die
Nursing Programs
Air force, Navy, Army
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