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noise pollution

No description

alba melissa

on 26 February 2014

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Transcript of noise pollution

noise pollution
is almost entirely human generated, whether by machine sources or amplified sound of human creation. Approximately ninety percent of all such intrusive sound arises from such transport devices as motor vehicles, aircraft and rail activities.
Heart problems:
The heart rate increases. Due to the increased blood pressure the heart problems such as ischemic heart disease are caused.
Hearing Problems:
Noise levels above 80 decibels produce damaging effects to the ear. It can cause irreparable damage and lead to permanent hearing loss when noise level is above 100 decibels for a considerable period of time.
Mental Health Problems:
Noise pollution can cause high stress level as well as arouse the violent behavior. Constant noise can also trigger headaches, make people tense and anxious, and disturb emotional balance.
Lack of concentration, decreased reading ability:
Children living in noisy areas were found to have less concentration and decreased reading ability.
Release of stress hormones:
Stress hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol are discharged by noise pollution. Stress level is increased by these hormones and stifles the immune system.
High blood pressure:
Constant noise can cause high blood pressure. This is mainly because of the affect of stress hormones on the body.
Effects of noise pollution
Tree Plantation:
One effective solution for noise pollution is to plant bushes and trees around the sound generating sources.
Loudspeaker Prohibition:
The major cause of noise pollution in public areas is loudspeaker. For the welfare of the people it should be banned at any cost.
Factory Location:
From the residential areas factories and industries should be located in far off places.
White Noise Machine:
For overcoming the effects of noise pollution the latest technology is using white noise machine. This device converts the unbearable noise into pleasant sound. A white noise machine is placed between the source of noise and the receptor.
Machine Quality:
The quality of machines should be optimized to reduce sound production. Lubrication of the machinery and servicing should be done to minimize noise generation.
Solutions to control
noise pollution
construction Equipment:
In the construction of roads and buildings different types of machines and equipments are used which causes noise pollution.
Earlier the national parks and wastelands were considered to be the pollution free zones. At these places people travel for relaxation. In these areas low flying military aircrafts has caused noise pollution.
Especially in urban areas. The number of automobile vehicles has increased in the past few years. Therefore, the problem of traffic created by these vehicles is a significant source of noise pollution. Exhaust system of autos, trucks, buses and motorcycles also cause noise pollution.
Household Equipment:
The household equipments such as mixers, vacuum cleaners and other noise creating equipments. These machines do not cause much noise pollution but it should not be neglected.
Railway Stations:
Locomotive engines, horns and whistles and switching and shunting operation in rail yards are the major sources of noise pollution.
Causes of noise pollution
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