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Copy of Angry Birds - Free Prezi Template

Complete Prezi template of angry birds. Add you text or images to any place of the level. Add extra information to the level complete screen that fades in with an animation. Note: the elements like boxes and rocks are not flash elements

jesus person

on 18 June 2015

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Transcript of Copy of Angry Birds - Free Prezi Template

Free download at:
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Chapter 1

chapter 2
Civilizations in Asia
created by Dylan Nicholson,Gabriel Matamoros,
Jesus Person,and Chris Abreu

"I live my life a quarter mile at a time and these ten seconds or less I'm free" - Paul Walker
Back then there was the Tang and Song dynasties. China flourished during them because of trade and some key inventions they made. There was even feudalism in it with in a high to low order (emperor,nobles,samurai and peasants).
The Byzantine and Muslim Empires
In The Byzantine Empire there is an invention that even today we don't know how to make it. The weapon known as greek fire was a weapon used in ship invades . So if anything touches the fire they will be burst into flames
civilizations in Africa
chapter 4

Islam spread across of Asia with the help of Muhammad. Islamic is the 2nd worshiped religion and first Christianity. The Muslims would take a journey to Kaaba and that journey is called the hijra they would take once in their life time.
thank you for watching
Europe in the Middle Ages
In the Middle Ages The King had important people in European society called knights to protect him. And they believed feudalism because they needed it it for protection against the Vikings. Residents also had to supply their own needs or be self-sufficient.
A New Age In Europe
In Italy the Renaissance was made and art was very famous. The Reformation was made by Martin Luther because of his complaints about the Church. In Exploration, there were some successful moments. astrolabes were made and some sailors like Christopher Columbus and Ferdinand Magellan had some accomplishments. Also In France, King Louis XIV is a absolute monarch which means he has complete power. And the Aztecs and Incas were put into slavery and some were killed both by Spaniards.
Africa is known to have the biggest desert the Sahara desert and the biggest river the Nile River. Today scientists and historians are working to piece together the history and culture tradition of the area south of the Sahara.In the kingdoms of west Africa five hundred slaves each carried a staff made of gold.
chapter 3
chapter 5
Chapter 6
The ancient americas
The Byzantine Empire
Muslim Areas at one time
Their was 3 tribes The Maya, Aztecs, and The Incas. The Mayans had a farming technique called Slash and Burn. The Mayans made a calender that told them their important festivals and predicted that the world would end.. The Aztecs Built city on lake. the only way to get in was by boat and causeways. Made aqueducts and floating gardens. The Aztecs where war like people. They believed in sacrifices and sacrificed captured enemy, children, and their people. The Incas on high mountains in Peru. They Had Farming technique called terrace. They had robes that only solders wear any one else who uses them will be thrown of a cliff.
printing press of freedom
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