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Preference of Unit Trust Investor in Malaysia

No description

Cliff Chong

on 11 September 2011

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Transcript of Preference of Unit Trust Investor in Malaysia

Result Sampling Method Research Framework Conclusion Purposive Sampling Preference of Unit Trust Investor in Malaysia TOTAL NAV RM 240.3 billion as at 31 march 2011 Jan & Otten (2004) Smith (2010) Otten & Schweitzer (2002) Taib & Isa (2007) Nik Muhammad and Mokhtar (2009) 1. To identify the factors that influence customer preference on unit trust investment. 2. To investigate the impact of objective of investment, risk taking level and product awareness on preference of unit trust. 3. To identify the most significant factor that influences the customer preference of unit trust investment. 4. To investigate the impact of gender difference on risk taking level and education difference on product awareness. Five Likert Scale Questionaire problem statement Objective Risk Taking Level Preference Awareness Gender Education

I) invest in unit trust because it allows me to invest my money to a specific foreign market or type of fund which I intend to access. e.g. China Equity Fund.

2) I invest in unit trust as I can use my fund of EPF account to do so.

3) I believe that unit trust investment can help me to avoid inflation and devaluation of my savings.

4) I invest in unit trust for specific purpose. e.g. build passive income after retirement, prepared for education of my child and unexpected urgent need.

5) I invest in unit trust for social need that I can have a conversation with my friends and make me feel proud that I am doing some investment Develop for this studies, adapt from: Objective
Thomas and Wang (2004) Public Mutual (2011)
Kumpulan Wang Simpanan Pekerja (2008)
Public mutual (2011)

Kumar (No date)

Statman (1999)
Kumar (No date)
Hoffman (2007) demographic finding hypothesis finding Person Correlation & Multiple Linear Regression Analysis Y = 3.212 + 0.199 OB H4: There is a significant difference between gender and risk taking level. H5: There is a significant difference between education level and awareness. Managerial implication 1. Enhance the strategy to target customer 2. Provided the diversify type of unit trust product 3. Specifically classify and descript the characteristic of different product (Zhou, 2002 ; Draycott, 2010)
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