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Road Map to Measurement

How we're going to successful measure every touch point.

Kerry Guard

on 23 January 2013

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Transcript of Road Map to Measurement

... actions, metrics & analytics toolsets. The Developer Journey... Action: Search An Unknown Developer sees a generic, 101 creative message on one of the following placements: Display, Mobile, Social, or Search. Atlas & Meteor Solutions to capture this click, mapping it back to the last creative & placement.

Additionally, with this click we see our first profile action, beginning process of pushing users through the content targeting funnel Measure: Click Atlas tracks the click from the ad recording the exact keyword phrase searched and messaging served.

WebTrends sees this campaign code as referral source & provides engagement metrics like, time on site, frequency of visits, etc. Measure: Click from Search Ad Known Developer searches on Google for: "Developing on Windows 8 vs. iOS"

Based on keywords used, Google serves a 201 - level content ad like, "iOS is crowded. Let your app be seen and develop for Windows 8. Download the SDK now." Action 2: Click After viewing a placement, our Unknown Developer clicks through to the CLE Homepage. Action 3: CLE Homepage Visit Unknown UU's will see a general homepage containing 101- level content.

Here, these Unknown Developer's will be presented with the three sub portals; Student/Emerging, Start-Ups, & Established. Measure: Unknown Unique Users Atlas fire's a Landing Page Tag on the CLE Homepage to start tracking this Unknown Developer as a unique user (UU).

Meteor Solutions assigns a unique identifier code to this UU, creating a profile in their system to begin measuring social behavior.

WebTrends measures time on site, bounce rate, & referral performance by device & channel to name a few. Action 4: Click into
Sub Portal Unknown Developer UU clicks from homepage into one of the 201 level sub portals Measure: Known Developer Action 5 : Abandon Known Developer leaves respective sub portal without clicking any call-to-action button to download SDK or VS Express 10. Action: Re-message Atlas will identify Known Developers across the web (including Facebook) & serve 201- level content ad for a more rich content targeting experience. Atlas to capture the impression each time Unique Known Developer sees paid or social messaging.

Messaging content to be refined based on WebTrends & Meteor Solutions data of the UU's website and social behaviors. Measure: UU Impression & Reaction Atlas records ads & keywords that received search impressions.

Continue building richer profile engagement by optimizing messaging & content delivery based on WebTrends, Atlas & Meteor data. Action 8: Click on Search Ad Unique Known Developer clicks on the search ad and returns back to the Developer Portal. Action 9: Sub Portal Search Landing Page Visit Unique Known Developer returns to their CLE sub portal where they engage with site content tailored to what they searched for, in this case a comparison page of Windows 8 vs. iOS Measure: Content Consumption Action 10: Share Content Known developer shares video they viewed or white paper they downloaded to Facebook, Twitter, G+, or via Email. Measure: Impression & Profile Atlas will capture this Unique User & assign a unique cookie ID to begin building out a rich profile of their engagement based upon actions to follow Atlas & WebTrends to fire when site engagement occurs like video view, white paper download, etc.

Atlas records where user came from & WebTrends measures UU profile engagement points (referring source, frequency, time on site) Action 11: Visit MSN DN & Download SDK or VS Express 10 Known Developer leaves CLE & enters MSN Developer Network where they will download a SDK or VS Express 10 Measure: SDK & VS Express 10 Download Link outbound RIO codes to existing inbound RIO codes tracking actual SDK & VS Express downloads from all paid, organic, and social efforts.

RIO will communicate download performance to the field at the placement level. Measure: Button Clicks Atlas & Meteor captures performance by tracking button clicks from the CLE into the MSN DN portal.

WebTrends reports profile engagement metrics, such as which OS they came from, sub-portal performance, content targeting performance, geography, etc. Measure: Sharing & New
UUs from Sharing Meteor Solutions tracks the sharing action and looks at additional UU's that this share drove. Action 11: SDK & VS Express Download Button Known Developer decides to build, clicking on the button that takes them to the MSN DN website where they can download the SDK & VS Express. Action 1: View Atlas will move this UU from Unknown Messaging into their self-identified Known Messaging bucket:
Start-Up, Established, or Student. Measure: Content Performance
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