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Hero’s Ordinary World/Unusual Childhood

No description

Delwin Hong

on 20 December 2013

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Transcript of Hero’s Ordinary World/Unusual Childhood

Atonement with the Father
Team 7 noticed that the tracker ninja is very young then Naruto became very disappointed that he and his fellow rookie ninja comrades cant do anything and Naruto felt useless in that combat situation, he cant do anything but stand and watch Kakashi and that tracker ninja kid do everything. Basically, he was very envious and he felt very useless also he cant believe that a kid like that tracker ninja can do something while him cant do anything.

Hero’s Ordinary World/Unusual Childhood
Born in a Chinese family, went to matchmaker to be a good wife but felt that forcing herself to be like someone doesn’t feel like herself. She fails the matchmaking.
Mulan and Naruto

Hero's Journey

Naruto contemplates about his first combat experience, pondering about his ninja career and dreams. He decides that he wants to prove Sasuke and his team that he’ll become a great ninja one day by swearing his ninja oath in front of them. He is now willing and ready to undergo the metamorphosis or process of taking his path to becoming a ninja.

An orphaned kid that became a village outcast when the demon fox was sealed inside him by the fourth Hokage of their village. An orphaned kid that became a village outcast when the demon fox was sealed inside him by the fourth Hokage of their village, after that incident everyone hated or feared him even if he didn’t do anything wrong.
Naruto as a Baby
Naruto is ostracized by everyone in the Hidden Leaf village.
Call to Adventure

Her father, Fa Zhou was sent a conscription note, ordering each family to send one man to the Chinese army to fight the invading Huns lead by Shan Yu.
Naruto wanted to be acknowledged by everyone in the village. For that to happen, he dreamed of being a Hokage, the village leader so he enrolled himself in a ninja school
Naruto (right) in training. He’s sparring with Sasuke (left)
Refusal of the Call
Mulan overhears their family name; she stops his father from joining, but says her actions dishonor him. She takes the matter on her own, cuts her hair and put on his father’s armor, and left for the army.
Mulan in armor
He realizes that being a ninja is a very hard career path, it’s stressful and tests your physical limits. It’s very hard to learn ninja arts even with the support of his teachers. He became lazy in school and unmotivated and he hates written exams.
Naruto beaten up in class
Ninja school written exam
naruto taking his written exam
Sage/Supernatural aid
Her family prayed to their ancestors. Ancestors sent the great stone dragon, but failed to awaken. Instead, they sent Mushu, a tiny dragon to protect Mulan
He met his new instructor or teacher Sir Kakashi the leader of Team 7 consisting of the main characters of the series Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura.
Kakashi (top) from left to right Sasuke, Sakura and Naruto.
Crossing of the first threshold
Mulan went to the camp to train but makes a bad impression to general Li Shang, the commander of the army. He then orders her to leave due to her incompetence.
General Shang
General Shang's camp
Team 7’s first low class mission or C-class mission an easy mission where they will escort their client, an engineer to a bridge and protect him from bandits. This is Naruto’s first combat experience and he froze in fear when they were intercepted by ninja’s that want to kill their client. Sasuke then ridicules Naruto’s incompetence and cowardice in their first combat experience.
Team 7’s client, Tazuna
She shows General Shang that she won’t give up through getting the arrow on top of the pole with weights; gradually they improved their combat skills.
Mulan using her tactics to get the arrow on top of pole
Naruto stabs his hand while making a speech about his ninja oath in front of Team 7.
Belly of the Whale
Road of Trials
They went to the camp of general Shang’s father but came only to a burnt camp; the Huns have ambushed the camp. They went to the mountains, only to find out they will also be ambushed by Shan Yu. Mulan Uses her skills to combat the ambush, saves the army and succeeds. Shan Yu slash Mulan in the chest.
In their first mission, Team 7 is attacked again, this time they were attacked by a rogue ninja that used to be a member of the legendary 7 swordsman of the mist, he is Zabuza Momochi, Team 7’s leader Kakashi ordered the whole Team 7 to retreat and only Kakashi will engage him because Naruto, Sasuke and Naruto are just genins or rookie ninja’s they’ll just get killed or get in the way if they engage Zabuza Momochi.
Kakashi fought Zabuza Momochi with his advanced eye technique called the Sharigan and then suddenly another ninja appeared and interrupted them and killed Zabuza Momochi, that ninja claims that he is a tracker ninja from the Hidden Mist Village. Tracker ninjas are ninjas that track and retrieve rogue or criminal ninjas from their respective villages to prevent them from spilling vital information about their village ninja art techinqes to other villages because most ninja arts can be replicated and most criminals possess powerful ninja arts and villages cannot allow this ninja arts of their own criminals in their village to be replicated by other villages, to maintain the balance of power between ninja nations.

Zabuza Momochi
Kakashi (left) engages Zabuza Momochi
Tracker Ninja
Meeting with the Goddess
General Shang gave his trust to Mulan for her actions. Mulan collapses due to the wound.
Shan Yu
In the mission, Team 7 was intercepted again by Zabuza Momochi and now he was accompanied by his assistant ninja Haku, it turns out that the tracker ninja before was Haku, he posed as a tracker ninja that pretended to kill Zabuza before but he only put Zabuza to a suspended temporary death with his advanced acupuncture skills to extract him out and save him from getting killed by Kakashi. Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura engaged Haku while Kakashi engaged Zabuza.
When Naruto commited a fatal error while engaging Haku, Sasuke instinctively jumped to throw his body to block the sharp projectiles that Haku aimed at Naruto. Sasuke lay lifeless in the ground and Naruto started to ponder about the meaning of the word comradeship. He always thought that Sasuke is an arrogant prick but now he got emotional about Sasuke dying just like that and now he suddenly contemplates about comradeship.
Haku, The tracker ninja unveils his mask
Kakashi engages Zabuza again
Sasuke(left) blocks Haku’s sharp projectiles to save Naruto.
Meeting with the Temptress
They got the doctor to help her, and soon realized that she is a female. General Shang is deceived and is enraged. He draws his sword to behead Mulan as a punishment of dishonoring the Chinese army, but lets it go as he owes her his life. They left her in the mountains.
Naruto met this guy Mizuki he tempted Naruto to do his bidding by promising him that he’ll teach Naruto a ninja art technique so then Mizuki tricked Naruto to steal a scroll called the Scroll of Seals for him but in the end Naruto didn’t stole the scroll when his teacher Sir Iruka showed up.

Naruto meets Mizuki.
Naruto with the Scroll of Seals, he’s deciding if he’s gonna continue stealing it or not.
Sir Iruka and Naruto
She thought of going home as her disguise is revealed, but sees Shan Yu alive. She then goes to the capital to warn General Shang
Naruto’s village The Hidden Leaf Village is attacked by the Hidden Sand Village and The Hidden Sound village. Naruto and his comrades Sakura and Shikamaru an ally ninja from Team 10 was caught up in many combat situations and he was tasked to track down where Sasuke and Gaara are fighting. Naruto caught up with them and assisted Sasuke to fight Gaara, a Hidden Sand Ninja that is now assisting the his allies from the Hidden Sand and Hidden Sound to engage the Hidden Leaf. Gaara is so strong that Naruto almost got killed here until help arrives.
The Hidden Leaf village is attacked by the Hidden Sand Village and Hidden Sound Village.
Standing at the bleachers, those guys are Naruto’s teachers. The one in the middle is Kakashi. They engaged and neutralized the invaders in this scene.

Naruto versus Gaara, at this moment Sasuke stands back.
The one on the left is Gaara’s tailed- beast, his one-tailed beast, the Shukaku, manifests and takes over Gaara’s body and turn him in to this. The one on the right is Gamabunta, a giant frog that assists Naruto in the battle, Gamabunta joined in fight after hearing that the Shukaku attacked his kids here. Naruto is there standing on top of Gamabunta’s head.

Naruto world map. The Hidden Leaf village the village of the protagonist lies in the middle of the Country of Fire.
Mulan went to the capital to warn General Shang but doesn’t believe since he doesn’t trust her anymore.
After the attack on his village The Hidden Leaf was repelled and peace was restored. Naruto decided to take a short break in his ninja career.
Naruto takes a break in his ninja career.
Ultimate Boon
The Huns captured the emperor, Mulan Used her skills from her training to get to the emperor. Shang prevented Shan Yu from assassinating the emperor. Mulan Faced Shan Yu and defeats him with the help of Mushu. Mulan Saves China
Naruto was always been dreaming to learn a new technique from Kakashi. One day Kakashi decided to help Naruto learn a technique that is similar to Sasuke’s Chidori.
Kakashi told Naruto that theres a guy that can teach him a technique called the Rasengan, Naruto was delighted that he’s learn a new technique. He met this guy, they became friends and they went to a journey together. Now, Naruto is happy that he became a student under Jiraiya, he’s one of the legendary Sannin or legendary ninja’s of Konoha.
Naruto meets Jiraiya
Naruto learning how to walk on water
Naruto’s Rasengan training with Jiraiya, he practices proper chakra control in his palms by not breaking the water balloon while channeling chakra in his palms
Refusal of Return
Naruto never returned in his ordinary life as a civilian, he now takes a new lifestyle and now he travels around the world with his master Jiraya to learn more from him.
Crossing of the Return Threshold
The emperor bows to Mulan as a symbol of gratitude for saving him and China, and gave his crest for her family to know what she had done for the emperor, and the sword of Shan Yu, so the world to know what she had done for China. The emperor urges general Shang to pursue Mulan, saying that “they won’t find a girl like that in every dynasty”
Naruto goes back to the Hidden Leaf Village with Jiraiya.
Naruto returns back to the Hidden Leaf with Jiraiya, he meets Sakura in the village entrance.
Master of Both World
Mulan Goes back to her home and gives the emperor’s Crest and the Sword as gifts of honor to the family.
Now he meets again his comrades and experiences ordinary life in the Hidden Leaf Village.
Naruto now mature, grown up, new outfit, and new outlooks in life.
Freedom to Live
His father said that the greatest gift and honor is having Mulan as a daughter. General Shang fell in love with Mulan and went to her Home to return her helmet. Mulan Asked him to stay for dinner, her grandmother subliminally shouted for general Shang to stay there forever. Mushu is Granted a position as a guardian to the Fa Family as a reward for his protection to Mulan.
Now Naruto has considerably grown up, matured and has new views about life.
The guy with the ponytail is Shikamaru Nara, here he escorts Temari, a diplomatic representative from the Hidden Sand village.
Naruto in school talking with his teacher in front of the class.

Naruto’s first combat experience
Sasuke on top, enemies at left and right

*Note: Naruto thought Sasuke is dead, but he’s just unconscious
Mulan in 13 minutes
Hong Delwin and Jan Ranier Maala

Mulan and her father, Fa Zhou
Mulan's disguise is revealed

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- youtube: mulan in 13 minutes (the link always turns into video, so annoying...)
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