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Outsourcing: Sweatshops

Hey everyone! We are supposed to make a sweatshop powerpoint for Geography, relating to economy and labour and childrens rights. We hope you enjoy! :D :)

Natalija Vasiljevic

on 13 May 2013

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Transcript of Outsourcing: Sweatshops

Template by Missing Link
Images from Shutterstock.com ABOUT SWEATSHOPS Sweatshops. The name is in itself. They make you sweat for hours on end.Sweatshops are usually filled with women of all ages. 85% of the workers are young women that work in sweatshops like Aeropostale, Nike or Adidas. Children are employed in sweatshops because they work for less money and are less likely to complain about poor working conditions. Many of the children must work to help their parents, who are not paid enough to provide for the family. WHAT ARE SWEATSHOPS? Sweatshops are basically factories in poor countries that make bulks of products for big name brands like: Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Aeropostale, Ardene, Hollister.. you name it! They pay workers minimum wage that barely gives them enough money to survive. The conditions are horrible and life threatening. People die everyday because of what they have to to do to SURVIVE. First, they hire workers..... FROM SWEATSHOPS TO YOU Take a look at this..... This excess rubber from shoes is burned which produces harsh toxic smells, this hurts young children and adults who live in the area. Our daily life in Canada is spectacular. We have no fear, especially for the children. We are raised in a country that does not allow child labor of any sort. It permits that you have to be 14 or older to have a job and even then you have limits to what you do. Some children and even adults, aren't as lucky. They suffer everyday in a factory with low wages and overtime work hours, all for just enough money to feed their family. But what they have is never enough. OUR WORLD.... OUTSOURCING:
SWEATSHOPS Who are willing to work long hours... Then they ship the merchandise worldwide... Canada and the United States.. Europe and some of Asia... And Australia. To shoes stores everywhere. This trash takes up space from peoples homes resulting in houses flowing with trash and residents losing their homes. What if you had to live like this? Good News: People are being freed everywhere everyday. But it's not enough. So... Thanks for watching and listening! Hope you enjoyed and learned what people have to face everyday.

So next time you have to do chores that take an hour, remember some kids younger than you, are doing the unthinkable. By: Natalija and Amber
:D ;D :>
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