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Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia

Taylah Bland

on 9 June 2010

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Transcript of Saudi Arabia

SAUDI ARABIA Saudi Arabia is Muslim country in the Middle East.
It is also referred to as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Saudi Arabia is the third larges country in Asia. It also takes up four - fifths of the Arabian Peninsular. Other countries that share the peninsular are:
The United Arab Emirates
and Kuwait
All these countries are much smaller in area than Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia is also headed by the Saudi Royal family, which is also known as the Head of Saud. Much of the world's crude oil comes from Saudi Arabia. Because of this reason the Royal Family is very,very wealthy. The two holiest cities in Saudi Arabia are Mecca and Medina. The official language in Saudi Arabia is "Arabic". Please enjoy learning all about this facinating country!
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