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No description

Alarico Ruffino

on 23 October 2015

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Transcript of OF MICE AND MEN

John Ernest Steinbeck
George Milton
Lennie Small
The main characters in this story are George and Lennie, two migrant workers with a dream.

The story takes place near Soledad, in the Salinas Valley in California During the ‘Great Depression’ of the 1930s.
-They are going to work on a ranch and there they have to talk to the boss.
-Lennie isn't very smart and he often gets into trouble so George tells him to not speak.
-Lennie has mental problems, he loves touching soft and petting animals like mice and rabbits.
-They have lost their previous job because of Lennie.

1902-1968 New York American novelist
-Migrant worker
-He protects his cousin Lennie
-Mental illness
-Good and strong worker
-He kills unintentionally
-Leader of the workers’ teem
-He is the most intelligent character in the ranch
-He understands George and Lennie’s
situation also at the end of the novel
-“The swamper”
-He losts his hand
-He has an old dog
-He wants to partecipate to George and Lennie’s dream
-Black men -> isolated
-He cares for horses
-He also wants to collaborate in the dream
Curley and his wife
-He is a little guy who picks fights with bigger
-He recently marries a beautiful women
-His wife has no name
-She provokes workers
-She likes a lot Lennie’s force
It consists in having a farm with a house, some land, a cow, some pigs and rabbits
-George tells Lennie that if he gets into trouble he has to hide in the bushes near the river and wait for him.
-They meet Candy, an old man working in the ranch
-They obtain the job
-George tells Lennie to stay away from Curley (boss's son) and his wife
-Carlson, one of the workers, has four puppies and decides to give one of them to Lennie
-George made friends with Slim
-Candy hears George and Lennie talking about their dream, he also wants to partecipate
-In the meanwhile arrives Curley who sees Lennie smiling and thinks he is laughing at him
-Curley starts to hit Lennie
- Lennie takes and breaks Curley's hand
-Slim will say that Curley's hand is finished in a machine so that Lennie and George do not lose their job
-Curley's wife is glad that Lennie has beaten her husband because he is not a nice man
-Lennie is alone in the barn with his dead puppie
-Curley's wife arrives
-Lennies explains her that he has petted the puppie too hard
-Lennie tells her about the farm that he will have with George and the rabbits that he will feed
-Curley's wife takes Lennie's hand and puts it on her head , he touches her hair but he presses
too hard so she starts screaming
-Lennie unconditionally increases his strength
and kills her

-Lennie goes to hide into the bushes as George had told him
-The other men find the body of the woman -They want to find Lennie and kill him
-George knows where Lennie is and decides to bring the other to the hiding place
-George arrives at first and sits next to Lennie, he starts to tell him about the farm and while he is laughing happily George raises the gun and shots at the back of Lennie's head
By Alarico, Fiorenza and Alice
No agricolture
To: Pacific Ocean (California)
How Many : 2,5 million people
Conditions : - Bad situation
- Black men
Consequences : - Business closed
- Many people lost
their jobs
- Hopelessness
Unreality of American dream
George and Lennie
equal condition
migrant workers
1) George tells Lennie : "Workers on ranches are the loneliest guys in the world"
-No Family
-Move place to place
But they are different
Period: Great Depression- 1930s
Causes: - Little rain
- Hot weather

- 2 wind storms
( dust storms)
2) George understands that there is no Hope for Lennie
He died thinking about their dream
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