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Why where roman roads so useful

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Tony De La Vega

on 19 November 2013

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Transcript of Why where roman roads so useful

Roman Roads
Road Construction
Work Cited, Videos, and Pictures
By:Saul R., Tony DLV., J. Logan R.
Roman Roads Benefits
Road Layers
Roman Road Today
Works Cited, Pictures, and Videos
Google Images
irst, they had an instrument that had two pieces of wood nailed together so that they formed right-angles in all the corners. They would use this to make straight lines to mark where to build the roads.
The Roman roads helped with wars.
Roman roads helped with trades and goods.
ext, when the surveyor was convinced that he had straight lines, wooden posts were dug into the ground to mark out the straight line and dug out the dirt where the road would be placed. They would then get sand and big rocks then lay it across the ditch they dug.

inally, ditches were dug on either side of the road to allow drainage. These roads tended to be built higher than the level of ground around them to help drainage.
They would build most roads this way but some had to be changed due to different weather of the different places.
Work Cited
They helped with directions.
They helped with communication.
fter that, they would lay down pebbles and gravel on top of the last layer they built. They would then compact these two layers together.
hen, they would place large stone slabs on top of the gravel and put sand in between the stones then compact it.
Appian Way Roman Road
The Appian Way was built in 312 B.C. by Appius Claudius Caecus.
The Appian Way has been used for a long time but it is still in good shape. The road is still used today. The stones are still in place and there is very little damage. The Appian Way has held together for about 2325 years.
Appius Claudius Caecus
Thanks For Watching
Stone Slabs

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