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Reagan Turner

No description

Jessi Andrews

on 25 November 2014

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Transcript of Reagan Turner

Reagan Turner
Presidential Candidate 2014
Candidate Profile
Name: Reagan Turner

Age: 47

Gender: Female

Political Stance: Moderate Republican

Race: Japanese-African American

Family: Married to husband for 20 years with two adopted children, 17 year old fraternal twins

Candidate Education
Undergraduate Work: Received a Bachelor of the Arts in Business Economics at UCLA

Postgraduate Work: Received Juris Doctor (J.D.) at Yale University
Campaign Strategy
Stump Speech

Profession & Residence
Current Profession: Governor of California, 2 terms
-History of working for bi-partisan bills

Previous Profession: Small Business Owner
-Began a self-made bakery at age 19 then at age 22 sold her recipes to Betty Crocker in order to pursue her J.D.
-Veteran of the Marine Corps
-Received a Purple Heart
-Met her husband during service

Current Residence: Sacramento, CA

Previous Residence: Bakersfield, CA

Campaign Ads
Campaign Strategy
Campaign Strategy
Campaign Strategy
Campaign Strategy
Campaign Strategy
Campaign Strategy
New Hampshire
Campaign Strategy
Reagan’s prestigious military background will surely gain support for her campaign in Nevada due to it’s substantial number of military bases. Fiscally, Nevada tends to favor conservative policy, so our plan to cut spending will further mobilize our base of supporters and encourage new supporters in this battleground state. Nevada is largely federally owned, meaning advocates of states’ rights have a strong presence. Our platform promoting states’ rights will attract voters with these tendencies. The state is also 27% Hispanic, therefore our favorable immigration policy will appeal to the large number of Hispanic swing voters in Nevada.
Reagan’s position supporting state’s rights will be a source of appeal to the 56% of Colorado voters who support gay marriage. Her policy will help bring out pivotal swing voters who identify as socially liberal yet fiscally conservative. In Colorado, immigration reform is the key to Reagan’s success-⎯14% of voters are hispanic, and 70% support reform of the archaic immigration system. These voters will be attracted by Reagan’s position on immigration and the policy she promotes in her platform. Cory Gradner, a Republican, just took a Senate seat from a Democratic incumbent by espousing this fiscal conservatism, while easing his stances on social issues and on immigration. Reagan would win the Colorado voters by following in this vein.
In Florida, 14% of voters are Hispanic, and 91% of those voters support the DREAM Act, a bill allowing young undocumented immigrants equal tuition decreases at state universities. This voting group, which has traditionally been conservative but has started leaning increasingly democratic over the most recent election cycles, would be reinvigorated to consider a conservative candidate like Reagan, who adheres to her immigration focus while simultaneously espousing fiscal conservatism. Moreover, Florida has a history of electing moderate candidates- Reagan’s moderate policies on immigration, spending, and social values will appeal to the State’s moderate swing votes. These same moderate will be turned off by Jacques Monei Grabur’s radical policies. Florida’s conservative base will be mobilized by Reagan’s position on border security (recently popular in bill SB 2040) and her traditional conservative spending policies.
Michigan currently has a sizeable number of universities under investigation for insufficiently protecting students from sexual assault. These investigations have led to discussion of passing a “Yes Means Yes” bill similar to that of California which has recently passed with a substantial amount of support. The issue of how to address sexual assault, especially on college campuses, has gained this bill considerable popular support which could swing key voters to elect Reagan. Michigan consistently favors conservative economic policy, as evidenced by Governor Snyder’s continuous efforts to deregulate the state to allow for greater business opportunity. Michigan’s economy is at a 10 year high under this leadership, and Reagan’s similar policy will lead to her galvanizing Republican voters.
California recently passed a fiscally conservative budget. The state is ready to cut some extraneous expenses rather than raising taxes to cover said expenses. Reagan Turner’s fiscal conservatism follow exactly what California is implementing. Her socially liberal views also match the views of her home state. Her plans to take the “Yes Means Yes” legislation to a federal level would garner support from Californian voters due to the state’s often socially conscious views and obvious favor for the bill, as they have just passed this legislation into state policy. Her views match that of a majority of California’s population, which will galvanize voters to elect her. Californian voters do not hold a harsh stance on immigration in comparison to other states, therefore, Reagan Turner’s plan to grant permanent worker status to elligible undocumented immigrants will be favorable. Lastly, voters will be inclined to vote for Reagan once again as they have previously elected her as their governor and had a consistently positive experience under her leadership.
1. Secure Border
700 miles of barrier over the most susceptible areas on the southern border, the site of 98% of the about 600,000 total Border Patrol apprehensions (migrationpolicy.org)
rid the system of corruption
double the Border Patrol Guard and give them the money they need to secure the border and stop the drug and human smugglers
about 700,000 illegal immigrants enter the US each year (Department of Homeland Security)—in order to fix this growing crisis, we must STOP the flow of illegal immigrants into the US.
2. Streamline Citizenship Process & Worker Status Application
Currently, to become a citizen, it usually takes at least 7 years, with 5 of those years being spent as a permanent legal resident (3 if you are married to a US citizen or in the armed forces) (US Immigration News).
With our new plan, immigrants need only be a permanent legal resident for 2 years before applying for citizenship.
The application forms for citizenship, if not filled out correctly, can take years to be processed.
I will allocate funds to creating a website whose sole function is to assist in the filling out of the complicated forms, with instructions in multiple languages.
I will allocate funds to hiring more interviewers in the neediest districts. In some of the districts with the heaviest flow of immigrants, it is not uncommon for applicants to have to wait 2 years after having their application approved to having their interview.
I will get rid of the 1996 change that required undocumented immigrants “to leave the United States for a period of at least 10 years before becoming eligible to reunite with their families [using a green card]” (Americanprogress.org).
getting rid of this would encourage many of the thousands of undocumented immigrants currently residing in the US to apply for a green card while still residing in the US, allowing them to go through the proper channels on their path to citizenship
3. Address Undocumented Immigrant Population CURRENTLY in America
(modeled from Obama and Bill O'Reilly's plan) (OVERVIEW: Temporary ID < “Z-Visa” < Citizenship)
NOTE: I will NOT use executive action to implement my plan for the undocumented immigrant population currently in America. This is merely the plan that I present to Congress and the American people so that we can work together through the deomocratic process to shape America's future. I do not want to work against the wishes of 48% of Americans who oppose executive action on this controversial issue as Obama has done (huffingtonpost.com). I will urge Congress to address these undocumented immigrants and will fight for an approach similar to the plan below. Before anything else, however, we must secure the border and stop the growth of this problem.
Require all undocumented immigrants to register with Homeland Security before a set date.
after doing so, they will receive an ID card granting TEMPORARY workers status
all undocumented immigrants who fail to register will be subject to deportation
all work places that hire immigrants without a temporary ID will be fined for every worker they illegally hired
all the immigrants who registered and recieved a Temporary ID will be reviewed and (depending on their criminal record, family status, and work record) either given a “Z-Visa” or deported.
a “Z-Visa” grants permanent residence but NOT citizenship. After a set amount of years, if the “Z-Visa” carrier has abided by the law, been employed for a set number of years, payed certain fines, and passed their citizenship test (basic knowledge of English and America), the “Z-Visa” carrier can become a citizen.
all law abiding youths with a “Z-Visa” will be eligible for in-state tuition in the state
colleges that receive federal aid (in which they are accepted)

Government Spending
Social Issues
1. Prosperous Economic Environment for Small Businesses
tax cuts for small businesses
will make small business owners less wary of investing or hiring new workers
limit penalties for mistakes in tax reporting that “disproportionately affect small business” (www.whitehouse.gov)
instead of a set fine, errors will result in a fine on percentage of the tax benefits
2. Safe Oil Promotion & Growth
(including the Keystone XL Pipeline)
oil is important- it accounts for ⅓ of the world’s energy supply and powers 100% of the world’s transportation (it rounds to 100%) (forbes.com).
there are enough natural gas distribution pipelines currently in the US to stretch to the Moon and back at least 7 times (forbes.com). Oil will not be replaced anytime soon, and attempting to halt its growth will only devastate our economy as families lose the ability to afford the less abundant gas.
the jobs created in the oil industry are crucial and not as dangerous as many would have you believe- teachers have a higher injury rate than offshore oil rig workers (forbes.com)
I will ensure that all companies adhere to safety regulations to prevent spills or harm to the environment
3. Veteran's Benefits
more funds for the Veterans Association
supervise their financials to be sure that they are spending their money on veterans benefits

I will not use executive action on abortion, gay marriage, or drug use (state right)
I will prioritize money spent on our jail system—dangerous criminals should be incarcerated before first time drug offenders
our jails are overcrowded, with “nearly half of all federal prisoners are serving prison sentences for drugs” and over half of federal drug offenders had little to no previous criminal record (Federal Bureau of Prisons). We need to prioritize the resources we have and focus on violent criminals.
executive action: federalize Yes Means Yes legislation from my time as Governor of California

Ever since my youth in Bakersfield, California, I’ve had the utmost respect for the American people. Only in America could a farmer’s daughter like myself start a business at age 19 to pay for my college education. Only in America could I, as a woman, show my dedication to my country as I served three tours in Afghanistan. This country has given me the opportunity to succeed. Now it’s my time to give back.

Immigration reform cannot be put off any longer by those reluctant to compromise. Border security must be strengthened so that our tax dollars are spent on programs that benefit the taxpayers. I will ask Congress to grant permanent worker status to the millions of undocumented immigrants currently here. Undocumented students will be eligible to receive in state tuition for colleges at which they are accepted.
The focus of our government budget should be to serve the people, not to inconvenience them. I will cut taxes on small businesses, promote growth in safe oil drilling, and give our veterans their fair share.

Few issues so dominate discussion as abortion, gay rights, and drug use. While I personally support freedom of choice and marriage, I also strongly believe in the right to disagree. The states have the right to govern themselves on these issues. Additionally, I will direct our resources to incarcerating dangerous criminals rather than first time drug offenders. I will bring the massively popular and successful “Yes Means Yes” legislation that I worked on in California to the rest of the nation.
I am Reagan Turner. Governor of California, proud citizen, and veteran of America. I fought for America before, let me fight for her again.
Although Iowa leans Democrat, it tends to be a swing state. In the 2014 midterm elections, Republicans won 3 out of 4 districts. Iowa is a socially conscious state and a leader in social rights. It was the third state in the country to legalize same-sex marriage, and currently the biggest social issues in Iowa include passing “yes means yes” type legislation. Reagan Turner wants women, and men, to be protected from all sexual crimes and ensured justice. With Iowa’s history of passing women friendly legislation, Iowa voters will want to elect Reagan. She will also allocate votes from Iowa’s small business owners, as she believes small businesses should not be taxed heavily and these voters will favor her policy.
Reagan Turner would be a very appealing candidate to the Ohio voters due to her stance on the "Yes Means Yes" campaign. Ohio just passed a new budget that will reform taxes for small businesses. It will reduce federal income taxes by 50% for small business and 7% for all Ohioans. Immigrants compose 5% of the state's population, and half of that number are registered voters (one in twenty Ohioans are either Asian or Latino). "Immigrants and their children are growing shares of Ohio’s population and electorate." Ohio is also home to a substantial number of Somalian refugees as well as a large Community Access Network. As the Somalis own more than 400 small businesses alone, it is obvious that immigrants play a huge role as the Ohio workforce and taxpayers, and Reagan would receive these citizens’ votes.
New Hampshire's immigrants are contributing to the growing economy and electorate. New Hampshire has among the most independents in the nation at 40 percent of registered voters being independent, more than either the Democratic or Republican parties in the state.Turner is more moderate than his opponent,Jacque, so New Hampshire's moderate nature will make the state lean toward Reagan. Social Liberals and Fiscal Conservatives. Seventy two percent support an increase in border security, 75 percent support legalizing gay marriage, and 63 percent support spending cuts, all of which Reagan Turner stands for.
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