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China flipbook

No description

Aidan Martin-Cox

on 7 December 2012

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Transcript of China flipbook

By Aidan Martin-Cox Sui Dynasty Tang dynasty Song Ming Dynasty dates they ruled china: 1644-1912
Most famous ruler: Li Zicheng
Two most important inventions or achievements: poetry and China (pottery).
Famous artistic or architectural achievement: Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio. Dates they ruled china: 589-618 Dates they ruled China: 618-907 Dates they ruled china: 960-1279 Dates they ruled China: 1368-1664 Qing China Flipbook Most famous ruler: Yang Jian Two most important inventions or accomplishments: the Grand canal and the unification of China. Famous architectural achievement: the Grand Canal One problem they faced and how they solved it:
There was no way for the north and south to communicate, so they built a canal to connect two rivers. Sui Report Card Maintaining unity:
S - Was very bad towards the end How they treated commoners:
O - very kind an considerate. Most Famous leader: Taizong Two important inventions or achievements: gunpowder and the perfection of the magnetic compass. A famous artistic or architectural achievement: porcelain. Problem they had to face and how they solved it:
The government was weak and so Taizong strengthened it by including land policies and other restrictions. Tang Dynasty Maintaining unity:
O - very good How they treated the commoners:
S - very good except for Empress Wu. Their most famous ruler: Zhao Kuangyin Two most important inventions or achievements: Moveable type and paper money. Single most important part of Song life: dragon backbone pump. A problem they had to face and how they dealt with it: their rice crops needed water, but it was hard for one person to do this, so they invented this water pump. What you should know about the Sui: The Sui invented the grand canal, which connected two rivers to allow for irrigation and trade. Song Maintaining unity:
O Treating of commoners:
O - much food for all . Tianjin . Dalain Qingdao . Most Famous ruler: Zheng He Two most important inventions or achievements: the navy and the Great Wall of China. Famous architectural or artistic achievement: The Great Wall of China. Problem they had to face and how they dealt with it: The Mongols from the North were constantly invading China, so they built the Great Wall. Ming Report card Maintaining unity: S - Good effort
Treating the commoners: U - Cruel and vicious The Ming Dynasty was filled with achievements, including the Great Wall of china and a royal navy The Song were mostly farmers, who invented the dragon backbone pump. The Qing were a rebellious people who rose to power by attacking their government. Qing Dynasty Maintaining unity: O - Terrific job
Treating commoners: S - government was people run The Tang dynasty had the most technological advances, most of which are still in use.
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