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Haylee Barker Michael K. Maddie Hinton

Michael K

on 11 January 2012

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Transcript of SEEDS & SPORES

reproductive body of an organism, capable of giving rise to a new individual either directly or indirectly. when spores land on moist soil they grow in gametophytes Characteristics of Seed Plants Seed plants produce structures in which young sporophytes are nourished and protected Unlike Seedless plants, gametophytes of seed plants do not live independantly of sporophyte Gametophytes are tiny and are always
found protected in the reproductive
structures of the sporophyte Male Gametophytes do not need
water to travel to the female gametophtes Male Gametophytes develop inside pollen
and are transported by wind or air These Chracteristics allow seed plants to
develop in a variety of places making
them the most common Plants on Earth. Other Notes SEED-
part of a plant, including tubers, bulbs, etc. thats preserved for growing a new crop. Gametophytes-
phase of plant life cycles in which the gametes, i.e., egg and sperm, are produced. Quiz Time How Do Male Gametophytes
Travel to Female Ones Where do gametophytes develope? What do spores grow into? 1. wind and animals 2. pollen 3.gametophytes
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