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English task. About my friend, Levy.

No description

Putri Pamedar

on 26 February 2013

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Transcript of English task. About my friend, Levy.

DREAMS Pahlevy Waskithaning Nastiti
Comes from Saradan, Madiun
Owned by Mr. Sugondo and Mrs. Zuniah Who is she? What she looks like? HOBBIES A doctor who wants to find her Habibbie and fly with their own plane. She inspired by Bu Ainun. Then she wants to take a picture with the mascot of every country by their plane. For my best friend She is a neptune agent who was born on 6th February seventeen years ago You will find her nick name in the lyrics of Panic! at The Disco (See the yellow one)
When the world gets too heavy
Put it on my back
I'll be your levy
You are taking me apart
Like bad glueOn a get well card Friendly name: Not too interest with “taking a bath” and very interest with “day dreaming”. Expert in arranging a beautiful sentence. For me, she is a great life and love motivator from the novel she has read. HABITS Levy is maniac in reading novel, almost the novels of Tere Liye and Dee. Just now, she finished the tetra logy of Supernova from Dee and she falling in love with the one of the figure in those novels. She also loves to listen the pop music while she waiting the “sleepy” comes to her every night. Dewi Lestari “Dee”. Levy getting mad by Dee’s novel... the tetra logy of SUPERNOVA. She is falling in love now and it is because SUPERNOVA amazed her =) IDOL Levy BLACK AND SHINY HAIR "oh baby..baby black eyes"
Yap, she has a couple of rounded black eyes That's all...
Thank you. Pahlevy Waskithaning Nastiti
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