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Out of the dust

No description

Mallory Wittkowske

on 3 September 2013

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Transcript of Out of the dust

Sad/Depressing moments
Memory of Ma
In the novel Out of the Dust by Karen Hesse Billie Jo has different feelings about the piano as she
goes, but throughout she never gives up. Sometimes
she may be happy about the piano and sometimes she
may feel depressed about the piano.
Memory of Ma
Memory's of Ma come before the death and after the death. When Billie Jo plays she thinks of Ma and before she compares herself to her, since Ma is a very great piano player.
"I'm not half so good with my crazy playing as she is with her fine tunes and her fancy fingerwork."
Joy and happiness
This is a moment that represents joy and hope because
she isn't thinking about her hands or Ma she is
focused on playing the piano.
Joy and happiness
Music and piano represents a lot of different feelings
and emotions. During a majority of the book the
feelings are happy moments, when she just plays
without thinking.
"and I stretch my fingers over the keys and play"
The quote describes why she is so scared after because
she is doing all these awful things to Ma's piano, which
is scary for her considering they both love it.
This shows Billie Jo before Ma's passing and her looking at Ma as an idol. Since Billie Jo got inspired to play by Ma and always looks up to Ma, she wants to be just like her for personality wise and piano wise.
Billie Jo always has a moment where it could be happy and
no thoughts about Ma, but then it always changes. During the book Billie Jo has a nightmare about the piano, the keys are broken and she pounds down hard. After she shakes from fear.
"I hit the keys with my fist, and the piano broke
into a hundred pieces." (64)
These reasons all describe why Billie Jo never gave up on playing the piano. Even though there were bumps in the road she kept her head held high and kept on playing. She truly never gave up on herself, Ma, and the piano.
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