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No description

Jason Fiderer

on 13 January 2014

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Transcript of TOMMY HILFIGER

Founded in 1985 by Tommy Hilfiger
With help from business man Mohan Murjani, Hilfiger launched his first signature collection line
Signature collection included modernized button down shirts, chinos and other classics
PVH acquires Tommy Hilfiger
In May 2010 the corporation Philips-Van Heusen acquired Tommy Hilfiger from Apax partners for 3 billion dollars.
CEO of PVH, Emanuel Chirico sees strong potential benefits for PVH in the near future.
Mr. Hilfiger steps down from lead management role. Fred Gehring becomes new CEO of Tommy Hilfiger.
Growth within Tommy Hilfiger
Since the acquisition, Hilfiger has posted approximately $6.0 billion in global retail sales in 2012.
Compounded annual growth rate of 13% from 2005-2012.
Strong planned growth in the upcoming future.
History continued...
Throughout the 1990s Hilfiger clothing became popular among many musical talents increasing revenue.
Around the 2000s revenue started to decline
Whats next for Tommy Hilfiger clothing?
Current Brand Overview
Tommy Hilfiger
Hilfiger Denim
Tommy Girl

"Offering quality apparel, accessories and lifestyle products at accessible price points."
Current Locations
Tommy Hilfiger corporate offices are currently located in New York and Amsterdam.
They have numerous retail and outlet stores around the world.
Tommy Hilfiger can also be found at Macy's department stores.
By: Jason Fiderer
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