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CTSS 3A3 CPA Jasmund Lau(10)CEL

No description

Jasmund Lau

on 6 April 2011

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Transcript of CTSS 3A3 CPA Jasmund Lau(10)CEL

Computer everyday life Automation occurs when machine are used to carry out a process or an activity with minimum human effort or supervision. Automation: A processor is a part of the computher that follow instructions and carries out actions. It is like the "brain'' of a computer. Publishing and Print Industries Publishing is the activity of putting information in the publice arena (e.g. newspaper, magazine , books). Printing is part of pulishing. It is an industrial process for the production of text and images with ink on paper using a printing press. Benefits of Using Computer in Postal Mail Sorting
Less manpower is used because of the use of computerised machines. This shortens th time taken to process mail and so the envelopes reach their destinations earlier. Sorting envelopes manually requires a lot of manpower and is time comsuming. Also, more mistakes may occur. Processor: Computer at the Airport Airport are important hubs for travel. Improvements in aircraft technology mean that more and more people are travelling by plane.

As the volume of air traffic increased, computer were slowly roped in to perform some of the reptitive tasks and, subsequently, some of the more sophisticated tasks. Designing Airports
Computer can be used for designing airports. For example. using computer, different designs can be simulated on a computer to test their effectiveness simulatioons may be used to test the amount of air traffic that the airport can handle based on air space capacaities, comparsions of alternative sites , airfield layouts, and passenger-and-baggage flow pattens. simulation can also check how airport react to stress , for example , in caases where the runway are full and still airplane trying to land
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