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Noah Savidge

on 17 March 2017

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Transcript of Biomes

The Deciduous Forest
The Deciduous Forest is located in the eastern part of the united states.

The location of the Grasslands is the western United States and southern South America. The temperature of the Grasslands are temperate. It's not to hot and not to cold. The Grasslands are changing by farming. Plants that adapt to the environment are grass. It adapts by decaying and fertilizing into the ground. Animals that adapt to the environment are burrowing owls and prairie dogs. The prairie dog has sharp claws that helps them dig underground, while the burrowing owl is small so it can fit in the old prairie dogs holes.

The Taiga is mostly located in Canada. The Tundra has long cold winters, and short cool summers. It always has a constant snow cover.The plants that live in the Taiga are the conifers and birch trees. They both adapt to the environment. The conifer holds water for a long time. The birch tree is white and camoflages with the snow. The animals that live in the Taiga are the bear and the wolf. They both adapt. The bear hibernates to stay warm. The wolf has a big fur coat to stay warm.
The Tundra is located in the extreme north and south pole
The climate of the Deciduous Forest is temperate. Which means it never gets too hot or too cold.
Fox - Adapts to weather changes fur coat during winter for camoflage.
Broad Leaf - collects sunlight and water to make food.

The Deciduous Forest
The climate of the Tundra is extremely cold., It is so cold it rarely snows or rains. It rains less in the Tundra than the Desert
Arctic Fox - fur adapts to climate and changes color to make the fox look like snow. This is called camoflage.
Dwarf Tree - Adapts to Tundra by having short roots that can grow above the permafrost.
Bear - Eats before winter then when full hibernates for the winter
Conifer - holds water for a long time to keep them green the whole year round
Grass - decays to make nutrients to the soil.
Prairie Dog - has sharp claws to make holes to live in underground
The Desert is located in the south-western United States. The temperature in the desert is hot/dry days and cold nights. The plants that live in the Desert are the Prickly Pear Cactus and the Sagaro cactus. The Prickly Pear adapts by having big pricklys that have predators stay away. The Sagaro cactus adapts by really tall and can hold lots of water. Animals that live in the are the kangaroo rat and the lizard. The kangaroo rat has sharp claws that helps him burrow in the cold ground. The lizard has cold blood that helps him stay cool. .

Kangaroo Rat - has sharp claws that help it burrow into the cold ground
Prickly Pear Cactus - has big pricklys that keeps it safe
Tropical rain forest
The rain forest is located in north, South America. It is very wet, dark, warm, and moist. Some facts about the rain forest are that the rain forest covers only 2% of the earth, yet it has 50% of Earths organisms.Some plants that live there are Orchids and the Peperomia plant. The Orchid adapts by having big roots that suck up nutrients and water. The Peperomia plant adapts by getting nutrients from the droppings of ants. Some animals that adapt to the rain forest are snakes and parrots. The parrot adapts to the environment by having beaks that chomp at prey and predators. The snake adapts to the rainforest by waiting at water nursery's and eating the tadpoles and frogs there.
Tropical rain forest
Parrot - Have big beaks that peck/chomp at prey and predators
Orchid - They sip up the water to live
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