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Computerized Billing System for Captain de Leon's Purified D

No description

Erickson Chan

on 6 April 2015

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Transcript of Computerized Billing System for Captain de Leon's Purified D

-Process of sending an invoice to customer for goods or services purchased

-Important part of purchasing

-Necessary to avoid confusions/Avoids confusion by providing details
Captain de Leon Purified Drinking Water
- Water refilling station located at Sta. Rita, Guiguinto, Bulacan

-Established in 2010

-Owned by Mr.Carlos de Leon
Statement of the Problem
-Manual-based existing system (Prone to errors)

-Provides invoice manually that is prone to falsification

-Inefficient existing system

- Unsecured billing system that can cause miscalculations
Objectives of the Project
The general objective of the project is to provide the business a user-friendly billing system that will boost the productivity and reliability of the business and its invoicing system while introducing them to the world of technological modernization for the sake of their growing business.
Objectives of the Project
- To implement the system with a computer that secures the billing system's accuracy and effectiveness (Secures the business's records and provide accurate calculations
- To provide accurate invoice ( Legitimate proof of purchase and avoidance of falsificationvoid
- To provide efficiency ( A unnecessary consumption of time, resources and effort while boosting productivity
- To provide a secured system that can only be used by authorized personnel
Review of Related Literature and Studies
Chapter II
Related Literatures
Computerized Billing System for Captain de Leon Purified Drinking Water
Computerized Sales and Inventory for 888 Meat Shop

-The system should be oriented toward developing a rhythm for selling inventory on hand at a rate comparable to the rapidity at which it is being produce
What is Billing?
Scopes and Limitations of the Project
- Will be used for tracking invoice, customers and staff account management and general billing
- Storing records for other purchase chrages ( credits, debts, fees,
- Monitoring the current stock of inventory is not within the scope of the proposed system
Description of the System
Chapter III
Description of the System
- Made to be used by Captain de Leon Purified Drinking Water's workers in a way that lessens their work while increasing productivity

- A secured system that requires official users (Admin/Staff) before granting access
Hardware Requirements
- System Unit
Minimum Hardware Requirements
-Intel Pentium 4 Processor
-512mb RAM
-Monitor (800x600)
-200mb Hard Drive Free Space
Optimum Hardware Requirements
- Intel Core I3
- 4gb DDR3 Memory
- 14.0" HD LED LCD
-500gb Hard Drive Free Space
Software Requirements
-Windows 7 Operating System
-Visual Basic 2010 Express
-Microsoft Access 2007
- Installation
- Create Account (Staff/Admin)
- System Access
- Invoice Printing

Population and Locale of the Project
Development Model
Waterfall Model - a sequential design process, used in software development processes, in which progress is seen as flowing steadily downwards (like a waterfall) through the phases of Conception, Initiation, Analysis, Design, Construction, Testing, Production/Implementation and Maintenance.
Development Model
Phase 1 - User Requirements
Phase 2 - Analysis
Phase 3 - Design
Phase 4 - Construction and testing
Phase 5 - Launch
Phase 6 - Maintenance

Analysis of the Existing System
- The workers are familiar with the existing system
- Difficulties in organizing data
- Generation of data is limited
- Unable to create back-up reports
- Less security
- Inefficient
Analysis of the
Proposed System

- User Friendly
- Organized and Secured way of Computing Records
- Reliable billing reports
-Cannot handle manual procedures
Related Literatures
Collection and Billing System for Sto. Rosario Arba Credit Cooperative, Inc.
The system is capable of performing the following functions such as, computations of loans and savings, and Generation of Reports which is the most important of all.
Related Literatures
Inventory and Billing System for Madrigal Enterprises

Chapter IV
Presentation, Analysis, and Interpretation of Data
Subjects of the Study
- Owner
- Staff
- Customer
Research Instrunment
Possibly, such as, manual record keeping, manual stocks updating, manual summation of income, manual transaction are the basic strategic target of software engineering through Automated Ordering and Inventory System.
Related Literatures
Computer Transaction System for Star-R Bakery
The study aims to create a transaction processing system to Star-R Bakery that would be beneficial to the company and its customers.
The company will have a bigger probability to avoid errors
Related Literatures
A Remote Electricity Billing System
The concept of prepaid starts in the manual form by receiving advance deposits but now due to the revolution of IT and electronics industry the manual recharging process is replaced with automatic and electronic recharging.
Related Literature

Design and Construction of a Computer Based Power
Billing System

The device is used to measure accurately the electric power consumed by a residential or commercial buildings which is more economical compared to the electromechanical devices.
Summary, Conclusion and Recommendations
Chapter V
- The proponents improved the billing system to secure the business's competence and efficiency
- To provide convenience, efficiency, accuracy and user-friendliness
- Tested, Evaluated and Proved
- The proposed system will be a forward-step for the business
- Improves the service of billing
- Satisfies customer, lessen the job of workers while boosting productivity and earning the owner more profit
- Comply with the optimum hardware and software requirements
-Business Owner, 2 , 20%
-Staff/Workers, 2, 80%
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