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Travel Photography

No description

Omid Kaya

on 28 March 2014

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Transcript of Travel Photography

Where Does Their Work Come From?
The majority of the Travel Photographer's work comes from their personal inspiration of what they see from the environment they're situated in, as well as their aspiration and desire to explore the world and capture it's beauty in single photographs. Their work stems from their interest to express their character in an artistic manner through Travel Photography.
How Do They Make Money?
What is the purpose of their photography?
To encapsulate aspects of the planet which give off a raw perception of beauty through contrasting cultures and environments to inform the viewer/reader of societies, cultures sand natural grace, tranquility, and diversity in which the audience is unfamiliar with.
The methods in which a Travel Photographer amasses their income persists of working for an individual company such as the magazines or newspapers or a riskier option could be to seek Freelance employment and sell your best images to the higher bidder.

How Do the Photographs affect the viewer?
Where Are Their Photographs Used?

If working for an individual company such as a magazine or newspaper outlet, then the Travel Photographer would have to submit only his best photos therefore not wasting the Photo Editor's valuable time. The photographs could also be used on bill boards for corporate companies in an attempt to promote. They could also be used to advertise on websites and web pages such as a website for a Holiday resort.
Travel Photography persists of changing the perception people have about the world around them to maintain a positive outlook upon the world we live in. It puts a smile upon the reader's/viewer's face when realising that places of natural beauty and art exist in this world but it all depends on the reader's/viewer's perception of what 'beauty' is.
Fashion Photography
Where Does Their Work From?
How Do the Photographs affect the viewer?
Where Are Their Photographs Used?
What is the purpose of their photography?
A Fashion Photographer's work consists of them having the ability to exert their creative skills for the commissioning of a variety of various publications from high-fashion magazines to mail-order catalogues. A Fashion Photographer is usually surrounded by similar minded individuals to form the collective unit of a creative team ranging from Art Directors, Editor and other creative support staff.
The purpose of their photography is to illustrate fashion photography as a form of expression in an artistic manner. Their priorities are to encapsulate the latest of transitional and seasonal trends to be able to influence the viewer/reader to become allured and purchase items of clothing displaced in e.g. promotional photos. The ability to consistently produce striking images will prove a valuable skill as they are effectively attempting to sell a look.
After the photos have gone through the development process of constant editing, the photos will be placed in high-fashion magazines and mail-order catalogues. From there, the images will have a considerable effect on influencing customers to purchase as the clothing is showcased in the best way possible in an attempt to persuade and influence how the majority of women dress.
As I have eluded to previously, the photographs would be placed in high-fashion magazines such as Vogue, GQ, Vanity Fair, etc, and mail-order catalogues such as Harrods, Next, Topshop, House of Fraser, etc.
Compare & Contrast
In terms of the photo having a affect on the viewer/audience, Travel Photography emphasizes the beauty of the natural worlds and the multiculturalism across the world, and it intends to inform and remind them about the different variations of travel photography such as the pictures used in this presentation, whereas Fashion Photography aims to persuade and for it to mainly look attractive enough for audience to purchase products such as dresses or even in perfume advertisement. Travel and Fashion photography are quite similar seeing as their philosophy of style revolves around beauty and attractiveness to entice the audience.
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