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Character Strengths Revisited: The VIA Youth Survey

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Rachael Clark

on 6 November 2013

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Transcript of Character Strengths Revisited: The VIA Youth Survey

Character Strengths Revisited: The VIA Youth Survey
Rachael Clark, MS
Doctoral Student, University of Cincinnati, Counselor Education

Character Strengths and Career Development:
Viewing Career Development "Developmentally"
the VIA strengths survey has been widely researched (K-12) and is supported by the literature in positive psychology
Key findings:
character strengths such as temperance and intellect predicted school performance and achievement in middle school transition
character strengths of the "mind" (love of learning, curiosity) predicted school success
several studies indicate that attending to character strengths can prevent depression
first grade adjustment is related to strengths (temperance, transcendence, interpersonal)
Try it!
Using the case study information, work with a colleague to integrate this student's character strengths into the curriculum. Are there students you have worked with that could have benefited from exploring their signature strengths?
Why should I use the VIA Youth Survey?
What is it, and how does it fit in with school counseling?
What does the survey look like?
Why should I use the VIA Youth Survey?
It is FREE!
Valid and reliable
Provides students with a list of their "signature strengths"
wisdom, courage, humanity, justice, temperance, transcendence
Counseling and Strengths
ASCA model - support for counselors who are assisting students in career and personal development
the VIA strengths surveys are designed to assist in personal development
What is it?
a web-based strengths assessment for children (10-17) and adults
helps identify the "best" in you
strengths can be used in school, at home, in relationships, at work
the website:
Character Strengths and Career Counseling
Can school counselors use character strengths to guide students' career development?
Tips for working with administrators, faculty, and parents to integrate character strengths into students' curriculum:

Ideas for Using
Character (Signature) Strengths in the Classroom
Collaborate with interested teachers and parents. Offer a strengths class as an after school activity or program.
Make students' strengths a priority in the classroom. All students can benefit from using their strengths in assignments, projects, and presentations.
Use signature strengths to guide career exploration. Help students find fulfillment and meaning. Use values and strengths to guide exploration.
References: see handout

Career as a Calling
positive psychology is the study of the "good life"
Meaning, purpose, and calling have been shown to be necessary for experiencing well-being
"Calling" at work leads to more longevity on the job, fewer absences, and higher income
therefore, it is in a counselor's interest to assist students in finding a calling
Finding a Fulfilling Life
Career construction: students learn to construct the life the want ("Life Design")
take into consideration work/family balance, interests, values
cultivating signature strengths is one way to foster positive emotions which lead to life satisfaction and a fulfilling life

Enabling and Fostering
Positive Emotions
Positive Institutions
Positive traits (signature strengths)
Well-being Theory

ositive Emotion
eaning and Purpose
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