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The Hundred Project 2014-15

This project is a european project, where we learn from each other about history, art, literature and taking care of Nature within the last 100 years.

Imprezzing Scandinavia

on 23 June 2017

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Transcript of The Hundred Project 2014-15

Catalonia - Ireland - England - France - Denmark

"The 100 Project 2014-15"
Art, Music & Literature

Local - 1. World War - Technology
Danish History
English History
French History
The Danish Garden
The Catalan Garden
The English Garden in Shoscombe
The French Garden
Shoscombe won a prestigious award in the Bath in Bloom gardening competition. We were presented the award by the Mayor or Bath
Straight from the plant to the table - Yummy!
Enjoying a bonfire in our Forest School Area
We have learned about the tradition of weaving and have been creative on our new outdoor loom, weaving with recycled materials. It is great for developing fine motor skills for the younger children too. In Septemeber 2014 We worked with singer Vivien Ellis to learn the Shoscombe Weaver's Song which she had written specially for us. We will perform the song to you when you come to England in March

We have been researching the 1914 football truce that happened in the trenches during World War 1. The English and German troops put down their weopons and played a friendly game of football. The whole school worked together to produce an art display.
The Year 6 children learned and performed a song 'Christmas in the Trenches' . They have also written reports about the events. To be added soon
We have made Christmas bunting and sent it to to Denmark. Have you received it yet?
We have received beautiful bunting from Ireland with a Happy Christmas written in Gaelic. Here it is displayed in our school hall
All the children in the school did a drawing of a dove. The doves bring Christmas messages to all those living with war and conflict. Here are some of the doves.
We have been presented with 100 daffodil bulbs by the Chairman of Bath Council. We have been planting them in our school grounds and we hope that by the mobility in March they will be flowering
Shoscombe School Choir performed Christmas Carols at a local residential care home for the elderly. The great-grandmother of one of our pupils is a resident, pictured here in light green skirt. She is 101 years old.
At the first day of school 5th grade sang our new "Arden School International Song" in front of the whole school
The students made vegetables pies for our Comenius guest. The onions and green beans came from our garden.
The three 6th grade classes have been working on the 1st World War (1914-1918), the 2nd World War(1939-1945) and the civil War (1936-1939)
We have recieved "Three Wise Men" from Spain ,
beautiful Christmas cards from France and a long bonding from Shoscombe. We have written letters and send bondings to St. Julian, Maristes Valldemia and to Lécole Feline. We hope you liked it.
We have created the "comenius funk" by rewriting the lyrics of the original version of "uptownfunk" from Bruno Mars.
Enjoy it!
"The Travel through the last 100 years"
The 5th graders made a school play where they made the plot themselves and told the history from WW1 until today with music, singing, films and speakers telling about big events and inventions.
1915: Now women could finally vote!
Our play ended with our "ARDEN SCHOOL SONG", where all the flags of our Comenius friends were presented.
1970és hippies and women fighting for equal rights.
During this year we have been working with the last 100 years history : tecnology/ wars/ inventions/ music/ special events in Denmark and Europe.
We have learned about the industrial developement, seen the changes in living and working, how it has been to be a child in the different decades within the last 100 years.
We have had a local artist help us make clay vegetables for displaying in our garden :-)
1920: People lived on small farms and made their own living.
Close to Arden we had a local circus in the beginning of this century, we made a film about it.
We have been pen pals with CATALONIA, FRANCE and ENGLAND
Thank you Lécole Feline for the funny crowns and recepi for pancakes, we must have a day in the kitchen. The hands and charms were also nice.
Thank you St. Julian for all the nice little gifts from you - the students loved it!
We have digital exchange with Catalonia from year 1 up to year 6. We called it "Let´s Communicate"
Thank you friends from Denmark for the nice bunting!
Thank you friends from Shoscombe for the nice bunting!
Our youngest pupils planted carrots, onions and letuces.
Our oldest students have been preparing an English theatre play to perform in front of the youngest learners.
Shoscombe Primary School
Reception Class received a class photo and a game of Guess Who?
from Madame Jalabert's class at Ecole Lafon Feline.
In return we sent a photo of our class and a game of Guess Who? We practised our French, they practised their English. We discussed similarities and differences between our countries and our schools.

We had a whole school Art Week at the beginning of June 2015. All the children in the school worked with local artist Edwina Bridgeman again, thinking about the flora and fauna of the local area and how it has changed over the last 100 years. We made bunting and paintings reflecting our ideas.

During the Art Week we also made prints based on the local canals. and the wildlife you might see there.
We thought about how canals have changed over the pat 100 years. Now they are no longer used to transport coal but are used for leisure boat trips, and canal side walks and cycle rides

Some of our prints
As a finale to The 100 Project we
collaborated with the Goldies
Intergenerational WW1 School
Project. We dressed up as children
from 100 years ago and sang songs
from WW1 together. We performed
traditional maypole dances and we
made tea for the Goldies too.


We have planted onions, jerusalem artichokes, pumpkins , peas, potatoes and beans. The children harvested them from the garden to cook with , or to sell at the school market.
During the project our school and Arden Skole, Gurraneasig, Shoscombe and
St Julian's were penpals. The children were always very happy to receive the letters from their penpals, and sent them news or games or presents for Christmas.
We learned a lot about our local history thanks to old people who spoke to the children about transport, dress, ways of life and the First World War. The children have produced posters about these topics.
Some children worked with an assistant at the Beaux Art Museum and a local writer Helene Kerillis. they chose a painting by Pierre Lacour which represented a view of Bordeaux harbour in 1804 and imagined a story.

Some children worked on a project about an old and new town with a local artist Max Ducos (painter and writer) .
They made a model of the old town and imagined a city of the future.
St. Julian's
Our whole school topic was WW1. Each class focused on a different aspect of the war. We held a WW1 Day, in which everyone at school dressed up. Part of the day was a Peace Tea for the senior citizens.
The Y5/6 class held a bakery competition, and performed a play they had written, about the Christmas Truce, at the local theatre.
We made, and received, bunting from our new friends, and have been exchanging letters and gifts.
We have been working hard to keep our school grounds looking colourful.
We have been reading traditional stories, from the past 100 years, and adding our own incidental music.
Since getting ipads at school, we have been learning about how to use digital media to compose.
Some children have been having recorder lessons. This is an instrument that generations of children in England have learnt to play.
The younger pupils planted hanging baskets, and also grew seedlings to sell to parents.
We had a Christmas Market, where we sold sugar with herbs and salt with herbs.
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