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Book report

The hunger games by suzanne collins

Magnus Bane

on 15 April 2010

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Transcript of Book report

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
presented by: Jasveen Every year one girl and one boy are randomly
chosen from the twelve districts to participate
in the hunger games
The soccer ball represents the competition that katniss the main character will participate in. the chance of being chosen to
participate in the game is slim This picture represents the chances of being chosen to participate in the games; being struck by lightning is more likely. Katniss has alot of responsibilities
that include survival for herself, her mom and
her sister. This picture represents the weight that she has on her back and all the reponsibilities. Katniss is heart-broken when
her sister prim is chosen to go in the
games and she decided to volunteer herself This picture represents the love for her younger sister prim who is ten years old and what happens to her when prim is in danger, for she loves and cares for her alot When katniss arrives in the capitol
she realises how harsh the rules and restriction
are; though everything may seem good on the
outside but not so much in the inside The whip represents the Capitol people who have harsh rules that should be followed or it results in something bad There are 24 girls and boys
who will fight for their lives asnd only one
wil win. This picture represents the
question of who will be the
winner and who will die fighting. After katniss's father died
she is the one who has to look over her family;
she doesn't want to but she has to for their survival and her own. Katniss wants to fly away and be free
but she cannot because she needs to look over
her family, to provide them food and shelter
for survival for they would be helpless
without her. The games are a fight for
survival where there will be only one
winner. This picture represents the game that Katniss plays in; which is like a game of chess there can be only one winner. Katniss is a rebellious and strong girl
who will do whatever it takes to do the right thing
even if it means bending the rules.
This teenager represents katniss's rebellious side, that does whatever she wants. Katniss is a stong girl both mentally
and physically This picture represents her strength and her will power to do what she sets her mind on because she used the strength of her mind and her body to do so. Pictures from
Google :)
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