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How to Unlock Your Lockers

by Hunter Trent, Devin Graves, Devyn Fowler, Micheal Bartoluzzi

Hunter Trent

on 29 November 2012

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Transcript of How to Unlock Your Lockers

Tilt Lock to the left to
your First number How to open your Locker!!! Then spin your lock to the right around after skipping your second number once, then stop once you've reached it the second time. After you to the right you twist
the Lock left agian straight to your final number. Step 3 You need to know how to open your locker so you can store your supplies
and get them out. Step 2 Lockers are good because
you can store your school
supplies in a safe place where
only you can get. Everyone can and
should be able to open
their locker with ease. You should be able to find your locker in the sixth grade hallway. Helpful tips to opening
you're locker include... Anyone can use
Lockers!!!!!!! Lockers have a lot of open
space to store things in. Memorize your combination. Practice your locker before
and/or after the school day. Write your combination down somewhere. Say it over and over again in your head. Thanks for watching Hunter Trent
Devin Graves
Micheal Bartoluzzi
Devyn Fowler hi Hunter did all the work To get to the sixth grade hallway you enter the entrance by the main office then take a right towards the media center then take a right and keep walking there you will find the sixth grade hallway Keep clean for easy acess Step 1 Start by going a few times around to the left then go to your first number Don't give your combination out to anyone
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