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Different Types of Newspaper articles

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jacqueline yeu

on 9 March 2011

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Transcript of Different Types of Newspaper articles

The Newspaper Before writing a newspaper article, you must
have a good understanding of the different types
of articles contained in a newspaper. Most news articles are news stories and focus only on facts. Editorials and columns are not considered real news stories and usually reflect the opinion of the writier. Here are the different types.... The Local News The local news articles focus on what is going
on in your neightbourhood. An example of a
local news story would be an article on a city
council meeting or a community event, like a
fundraiser at your community center. The National News Article This type of article focuses on what is
happening in the country. An example of a
national news article would be about something that is happening in Canada, for example, there is going to be a tax increase for all the provinces. The International News Article This type of article focuses on news that is happening
outside of the country. A story of the Libyan protest or
an influenza outbreak in China would be considered an
international news story. A Feature Article A feature article is known as "softer" news.
This type of article may be a profile of a
person who does a lot of volunteer work
in the community or even a movie preview.
These types of articles are not considered news
stories. The Editoral This the kind of article that contains the writer's opinion.
Editorials are usually run altogether on a specific page
of the paper and focuses on current events. Editorials
are not considered news stories. A Column A column is an article that is written by the same person
on a regular basis. A columnist (the writer of the column)
writes about subjects of interest to him/her, current events or
community happenings. These types of articles are not considered news stories Remember this: There are certain aspects that characterize a
newspaper article. These features need to be
considered before writing about a topic in order to have a well structured article.
The Headline and Byline All articles should have a headline. The headline is NOT
a summarization of the article; instead it should serve the
purpose of grabbing the reader's attention.
The byline should usually follow the headline. This states
the author's full name. The Lead This is the sentence that gives the reader a good idea
of what the article is going to be about. The Lead Paragraph The lead paragraph naturally follows the lead sentence.
This paragraph is stright to the point. This paragraph
should include the W5's (who, what, when, where, why
and how) The Basic Format of a Newspaper Headline- An attention getting phrase at the top
of the article.
Byline- By, (your name)
Lead Sentence- this is the sentence that tells the reader
in short what the article is about.
Lead paragraph- Starts with a strong, interesting sentence
to get the reader engaged. Include the W5's as
Explanation and Amplication- This section includes several
brief paragraphs explaining the details surrounding
your paragraph.
Background Information- This section includes several brief
paragraphs explaining events leading up to the picture,
related stories, etc.
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