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Non-Fiction Unit

No description

dan glaspie

on 20 December 2013

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Transcript of Non-Fiction Unit

non-fiction unit


Tone: The author matter-of-factly notes the irony that his blindness
helped him avoid some problems experienced by the other climbers.

Style: The author includes quotations from his critics which makes the controversy following his climb vivid for the reader.

Perspective: While savoring his historic moment the author honors achievements of other individuals and of the team.

Purpose: The author wants to show and let you know how hard it is to prepare to climb and climb Mt. Everest.

The Spider and the Wasp

Tone: How he experienced the nature
ways of a spiders and wasps

Style: Author is very logical

Perspective: he is talking about animal behavior

Purpose: Info about different types spiders and wasps

The Sun Parlor

Tone: a eventful story

Style: Author is a very ambitious writer

Perspective: How people should be treated the same

Purpose: To show that people should be treated equally through her own experiences.

The Weather of New England

Tone: funny, Non Formal

Style: very descriptive

Perspective: it is winter

Purpose: make fun of the weather

Keep Memory Alive

Tone: it about jews

Style: at one time he was in the Holocaust and wrote about it

Perspective: the Holocaust was really bad

Purpose: to remember The Holocaust

The American Idea

Analytic and Interpretive

Tone: the american flag

Style: a lot of info

Perspective: how the american flag came to be

Purpose: Talking about the american flag

One million volumes


Tone: about star and book

Style: the mexican culture

Perspective: to read a million book

Purpose: how book are important

Nobel Lecture

Persuasive and Narrative

Tone: it about Russia

Style: he sound like he is mad but sad

Perspective: it a story about how he feel about Russia

Purpose: how he feel about being exile and the pain he feels



Tone: Formal

Style: Interested, Understanding of the subject

Perspective: Really interested in the information has to share

Purpose: To share knowledge with the audience

What Makes a Degas a Degas

Analytic and Interpretive

Tone: Enjoys the artwork he’s describing to the readers


Perspective: The greatness in the artwork he’s describing

Purpose: To tell the audience about his interest in the Degas artwork.

Essay Definition

Narrative : you’ll need to tell a story in such a way that he audience learns a lesson or gains insight.

Expository : intended to explain or describe something.

Reflective : Where the writer describes a scene, event, or interaction, passing thought, or memory from adding a personal reflection on the meaning on the item from events in their own life.

Humorous: primary aim of amusing readers rather than informing or persuading them.

Persuasive : good at persuading someone to do or believe something through reasoning or the use of temptation

Analytical: helpful when a more full understanding of an examined object is needed.

Interpretive : is built upon writer opinion.
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