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The Odyssey: Books 7-9

By: Stephanie Chang, Nick Habibi & Phebe Kwok

Phebe K

on 21 February 2011

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Transcript of The Odyssey: Books 7-9

THE ODYSSEY: BOOKS 7-9 Book 7: Phaeacia's Hall and Gardens Book 8: A Day for Songs and Contests Book 9: In the One-Eyed Giant's Cave Crossword Answers:
1 Across – Demodocus
2 Down – Odysseus
3 Across – Nobody
3 Down – Nausicaa
4 Down – Ship
5 Down – Eye
6 Down – Alcinous
7 Across – Sheep
8 Across – Lotus
9 Down – Hermes
10 Across – Polyphemus
11 Down – Two
12 Down – Poseidon
13 Across – Poseidon Alcinous addressed his Phaeacian counselors while Athena ensured plans were furthered for Odysseus’ journey home. •At the assembly, Alcinous proposed that they grant escort and provide a ship for his guest so that the man can return to his homeland. •Alcinous invites the counselors to his palace for a feast and celebration of games in honor of his visitor. •Odysseus wept at the painful memories that the story recalled as Demodocus sang of the quarrel between Odysseus and Achilles at Troy. •The king notices Odysseus’s pain. He then ended the feast and began the games instead. •Odysseus was asked to participate in the games such as boxing, wrestling, racing, and throwing of the discus. •At first, Odysseus declined but one of the young athletes, Broadsea, insulted him, which provoked Odysseus. Odysseus effortlessly won the discus toss. He then challenged other athletes to any games they choose. •Before the challenges furthered, Alcinous asked Odysseus to join them in another feast. •At the feast, Demodocus performed again with a song about Ares and Aphrodite. •After the feast, Alcinous and his Phaeacian counselors presented Odysseus with gifts such as a silver-studded sword to take with him on his journey home. •The king had maids bathe Odysseus before dinner that night. Nausicaa, daughter of King Alcinous also came in to bid him farewell as she had saved Odysseus once. •At dinner that night, Odysseus asked Demodocus to sing of the fall of Troy, but started weeping again as he sang. •The king abruptly ended the song and asked Odysseus to tell him his story and why he grieves every time he hears about the fall of Troy. Intro: •Odysseus is on his way to the palace of Alcinous, the king of the Phaeacians, when he is stopped by a young girl who is Athena in disguise. She tells him that many people do not trust strangers, and so she guides him to the palace. •As Odysseus enters the palace, he is amazed by all the extravagant scenery, and he immediately throws himself at the knees of Queen Arete, the queen of the Phaeacians.
•At first, the king wonders if this traveler is a god, but without revealing his true identity, Odysseus declares that he is in fact a mortal. Odysseus is then given food and shelter by Alcinous. •After he has eaten, Alcinous asks the elders to gather in the morning to discuss of the stranger and how he may get home as quickly as possible. •Odysseus is then asked by Arete of his identity and why he has come to the island with the clothes that she herself has made for her daughter Nausicaa. Still withholding his name, Odysseus responds by describing his journey from Calypso's island and his encounter with Nausicaa, from whom he obtained the clothes. To explain why he had not been accompanied by the princess to travel to the palace, Odysseus mentions that he had wished to come alone. •Alcinous is greatly impressed by his visitor, and consequently offers his daughters hand in marriage. However, if he chooses not to, Alcinous will lend him a ship to get home. Odysseus is delighted, and prays to Zeus that everything may happen in his favour. •He is then led to his bed by a maid, where he then goes to sleep. Odysseus at the palace of Alcinous. Calypso Recap: Recap: Odysseus begins his story about his voyage full of hardships homeward bound from Troy (inflicted upon him by Zeus)
Odysseus and his men get driven to Ismarus, home of the Cicones
Odysseus sack Ismarus and take their riches and supplies
Cicones sought out their allies, who were more skilled and stronger
Odysseus and his men were ambushed; many died but the rest managed to escape
Odysseus’s ships encounters storms for 9 whole days On the 10th day, they reach the land of the lotus-eaters
Odysseus sends a 3 men to scout out the island and its inhabitants
The 3 encounter the natives—the lotus-eaters—and they were given lotus fruits to eat
Any crewmen who ate the lotus forgets any desire to return home; all they wish is to stay with the lotus-eaters
Odysseus forcefully brought back his men and quickly set out to sea again Odysseus and his men reach the lands of the Cyclops
They spot another island, which is untouched by humans, not too far out from the Cyclops’ coast
Odysseus and his men rested and feasted on the island
2 days later, Odysseus ordered his armed men to sail with him to the Cyclops’ land while the rest stay behind
Once ashore, Odysseus ordered his trusty crew to guard the ship, and only brought 12 of his finest fighters to explore the land with him
The party quickly went into a cave where there were large supplies of cheese and milk, and also large flocks of goat and sheep; the owner was absent
The party feasts while waiting for the owner of the cave to come back
The Cyclops, named Polyphemus, who was the owner of the cave comes back
Polyphemus eats 2 of Odysseus’s men, and traps the rest
Odysseus sharpens the Cyclops’s club to a point, and blinds the cyclops with it while it was drunk from Oddysseus’s wine and informs Polyphemus that his name is “Nobody”
The next day, Odysseus escapes the cave by tying themselves to the bellies of sheep
Once the men makes it to their ship and prepares to set sail, Odysseus tells Polyphemus his true name
Polyphemus then sends a prayer to his father, Poseidon, to send storms at Odysseus so that he may never return home or let him return home a broken man of sorrow and pain
Odysseus’s party returns to the rest of his men on the untouched island, where they made sacrifices to Zeus, but to no avail Odysseus and his men giving Polyphemus wine. Odysseus dragging his men away from the lotus-eaters and the lotus fruit. Recap: THE END :)
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