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Love your Device

No description

Mrs. Coalson

on 8 February 2016

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Transcript of Love your Device

with my Excel!
Question #2:
Question #4:
Quiz Time!
Question #3:
1. Close the lid properly
2. Hold laptops by the base!
3. Don't put anything on top of your device
4. Do not use your device as a seat cushion
Question #1:
1. Do not leave devices in the car
2. Use your bag or sleeve at all times
3. Don't leave your device anywhere extremely hot or cold
4. Do not use your device as a rain hat
1. Do not pull on the power cord
2. Do not roll over the power cord with a chair
3. Shut your device completely down at night
1. How do you love your device?
Question #6:
6. Personal preference - Some people would rather have convenience and user-friendliness. Some prefer safety. Major companies tend to care more about safety because all of their information is at risk -
especially government-contracted companies that have a lot of secure information that should not be released into the wrong hands.
Love Your Device
How do you take care of the monitor?
How should you transport your device around school?
Should you take care of the power cord?
Identify & discuss 4 key challenges of BYOD
This is for you to answer on your own. How do you show love for your device?
Great job! Remember, no mud-smeared hands or drinks near your device. If you clean it you should never spray any cleaning spray directly onto your iPad or laptop.
That's right, just keep it clean!
By the way, how much do you love your device?
Love Your Device Month
Love your device month (LYD) is a chance for you to show the many ways you love your device and even ways that your device loves you back on occasion.
First let's review the basics:
Laptop cleanliness.

Monitor care.

Powering your device.

Proper transporting of your device.
Taking care of your iPad

Keep liquids away from your device
Don't eat near your device
Use clean hands
Wipe with a dry, lint-free cloth
Don't use alcohol wipes on your device

Let's review how to care
for our devices with a quiz!
How do you keep your device clean?
A. Keep it away from liquid
B. Eat all meals near your device
C. Smear mud on your hands before using it
D. All of the above
How do you care for your monitor?
A. I don't remember, but it has something to do with monkeys
B. Hold laptops by their base
C. Don't sit or stand on your device
D. Both B & C
How do you move your device
A. Don't leave your device in the car
B. Use your bag or sleeve at all times
C. Don't leave your device anywhere that is extremely hot or extremely cold
D. Just toss it where you need it and pick it up later
Which help you care for your power cord?
A. Pulling by the power cord
B. Roll over the cord with a chair
C. Shut your device completely off
D. None of these
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