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How does renewable energy reduce air pollution?

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Pratheeba Vachiraveel

on 7 February 2013

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Transcript of How does renewable energy reduce air pollution?

By Pratheeba.V (21) How does renewable energy
reduce air pollution? In the first place,
what is renewable energy? So how does renewable energy
reduce air pollution? Renewableenergy is energy that is generated from resources like sunlight, wind, rain, tides, wave and geothermal heat which are continually replenished. In what way does non-renewable energy
contribute to air pollution? Most forms of energy require an energy source that pollutes the air. For example, coal and gas have to be burned in most cases to produce the power that is sent to our homes. This combustion leads to the increase in carbon dioxide in the air, thus causing air pollution. When renewable energy such as solar power is used, burning does not take place. Therefore there is less carbon dioxide emitted into the air. Instead of burning fossil fuels, solar energy is converted directly from the sun. So, in a nutshell...... It is quite obvious that renewable energy reduces air pollution. As,
1. Burning non-renewable resources produces carbon dioxide
2. Increased amount of carbon dioxide in the air causes air pollution.
3. Renewable energy like solar energy is converted directly from the sun.
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