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Glenn Miller

No description

raul zepeda

on 24 May 2013

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Transcript of Glenn Miller

Glenn Miller By:Raul Zepeda Childhood Born March 1, 1904 in Clarida, Iowa I was born to Lewis Elmer and Mattie Lou. I first
started out playing the mandolin, but then switched to the trombone. My family moved multiple times to
Missouri, Nebraska, and then to Colorado. After
graduating high school in 1921, I decided to
become a professional musician. My Musical Career During a short stint at the University of Colorado at Boulder, I spent most of my time attending auditions and playing gigs. Then I dropped out of school and returned to the music business. After moving to Los Angeles, California, I joined the Ben Pollack Orchestra for a time. I moved to New York City, and in 1935 I formed an orchestra for a British bandleader, Ray Noble. My Songs & Fame I got my first hit with "Wishing (Will Make it So)" and that same year I released another composition "Moon Light Serenade" which climbed the charts in 1939, as well. I also played swing jazz and due to that my orchestra and I became the countries top dance band. I also wrote many other compositions including "In The Mood", "Tuxedo Junction" and
"Pennsylvania 6-5000." Military Service In 1942, I decided to put aside my music career and serve my country. I joined the U.S. Army-Air Force band and was stationed in England to entertain the troops there. After 2 years of playing, I learned that the band and me were going to Paris. On December 15, I boarded a plane that was scheduled to arrive in Paris, France but it never did. What happened to the plane and me is still a mystery. Neither my body nor the plane was found. After My Death I left my wife and 2 children with out a father until she remarried. My band kept playing months after my death and my orchestra was recreated after the war in my honor. A film was made in 1954 staring Jimmy Stewart titled "The Glenn Miller Story". Resources www.biograpy.com/people/glenn-miller-
37990 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glenn_Miller
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