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Manitoba/Ontario Prezi

on 22 March 2016

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Transcript of Welcome

Imagine This...
Digital/Social Media

The words that make a radio rep cringe..
So how do these mediums compare?
According to Adweek.com (Jan 2015)
-59% of Canadians have a Facebook account
-30% of Canadians have a Link'd In account
-25% of Canadians have an active Twitter account
-16% of Canadians have an Instagram account
It's Radio

E-Marketer estimates almost 20 million people in Canada across all age groups will use some kind of social media by the end of 2016.
How Radio Fits in the Market Place
There has never been a better time to sell Radio!

Why are we fighting digital, when we are digital?

LOCAL Radio + LOCAL Digital =

An Effective Strategy to reach LOCAL people.

It's not traditional media, it's PROVEN media.
Our biggest success story is ourselves!

A new medium that could gather crowds like this...
How Radio Fits in the Market Place

A new technology just came out

They are installing it in cars
Accessible from anywhere (smartphone, tablet, PC, at work, at home, and on the go)
It curates your music for you
It's entertaining
90% of the population uses it
It's Free
20 million canadians reached by end of 2016
57% of canadians on Facebook
90% of Canadians are reached for 18 hours per week.
31.5 million Canadians
Our local products have the power to make a difference!
Raised $24,000 through an on air fundraiser for flood victims
Fort Sask-2014
Raised $20,000 in one day for a local hospital
In 2013, raised $23,000
In 2015, raised $45,000-Hospital Radiothon
Moose Jaw-2015
Raised $78,000 for Paws for Pledges in 12 hours
Raised $1,000,000 for a local hospital in 36 hours
Swift Current-2013
Raised $187,000 in 2 days for a local hospital

Raised $232,000 for Siloam Mission (a local non profit organization that provides meals, clothing to the homeless)

We built this using YOUR stations, and nothing else.
Social Media
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