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Stats - Final Paper Presentation

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Nicole Andreou

on 12 July 2013

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Transcript of Stats - Final Paper Presentation

- Eurobarometer 2003 - 2012 / ESS 2000 + 2011

- Dependent variable: Perception of the European Union "In general, does the European Union conjure up for you a [very positive, fairly positive, neutral, fairly negative, or very negative] image?"

- Independent variable: Left/Right position (0-10 scale)
The puzzle; Introduction
- Ideology has structured the political party positions towards the EU (Hooghe and Marks, 2002)
* Has it also structured individuals positions?

- Partisanship is decreasing across Europe and individuals are turning more politically sophisticated (Lau and Redlawsk, 2006)
* Has ideology replaced the role of party alignment?
* How does this affect the traditionally Euroskeptic parties?
- Should we focus on "the case of the left", or "the case of the right"?

- Eurobarometer or ESS?

- How can we control for the effect of the financial crisis?

- Green/alternative/libertarian (GAL) to traditional/authoritarian/nationalist (TAN). "This dimension is the most general and powerful predictor of party positioning on the issues that arise from European integration" (Hooghe, 2002)
* Should we include this?
Techniques of Statistical Analysis II
Final Paper Presentation
March 11th, 2013

Research Question
Theoretical Relevance
- Left/Right scale may not be sufficient - too many people in 4-7 responses

- Lack of time and space - too many concepts

- The diverse nature of European projects - confusing the citizens? What is the EU about?
Eulália Baulenas
Nicole Andreou

- There is a "liberalizing and de-regulatory impact on the socio-economic regimes of European Union member states" (Sharpf, 2010)

- Measures fostered by the European Central Bank have been informed by a neoliberal perspective (Forder, 2005)

- Using Time-Series Multilevel Linear Model
"How has ideology been affecting people's perceptions of the EU over time?"
Macro-level variables:
- Inequality Index
Micro-level variables:
- Trust in Institutions
- Party alignment
- Age
Has the European dream been crashed? (Baulenas and Andreou, 2013)
Thank you for your Feedback :)
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