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Jenny Elwis - 2W1

No description

Inveralmond chs

on 27 March 2014

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Transcript of Jenny Elwis - 2W1

Edinburgh Fringe Festival
The fringe is a festival where you can apply to show off your talent and make money from tips. You can go watch street performances and also buy tickets to see shows inside or at night.
The Fringe is a very big tourist attraction and known worldwide.

What is it??
The first Edinburgh International Festival (EIF) took place in 1947. It was joined from its inception by what subsequently became known as the Fringe and by the Film Festival. Pipes and Dancing also took place in the early years, becoming the Military Tattoo in 1950. The Traverse Theatre, which has greatly enhanced both the EIF and the Fringe, joined the Feast in 1965, to be followed by the Jazz festival in the late 1970s, the Book festival in the early 1980s, and more recently the Art Festival in 2004.

The Fringe is in Edinburgh, Scotland's capital city.
It is based all around the town so there is plenty to see!

Where is it??
Edinburgh International Film Festival: 18 - 29 June
Edinburgh Jazz and Blues Festival: 18 - 27 July
Edinburgh Art Festival: 31 July - 31 August
Edinburgh Festival Fringe: 1 - 25 August
Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo: 1 - 23 August
Edinburgh International Festival: 8 - 31 August
Edinburgh International Book Festival: 9 - 25 August
Edinburgh Mela: 29 - 31 August

By Jenny :)

Edinburgh tattoo
Any Questions??
Festivals in the 2014 summer season:
Technology used:
There is not a lot of technology used at the fringe but what is used is the basic stuff.

For example:

speakers (Projects music to a big crowd)
Microphones (Projects your voice to crowd)
Cameras (Taking photos for social media)
Video cameras (Memories caught on video (: )
Internet (Phone, laptop, etc...)
Social Media (People to share their trip with others!)
People take advantage of technology so they don't often realise how much technology is used for even the smallest of things.

For example, the performers use iPods plugged into speakers for volume, no one really notices this. ice-cream vans use technology, blasting out music so you know it's there.
Lights are used mostly for inside, when you go to the theatres there are lights and special effects projecting towards the stage. These require someone there at all times making sure it's working, not too bright and not too dark. Again, they use microphones and speakers and Video cameras, even radios to stay in contact with one another.
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