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In the Silence

By Krystin, Sahajpal, Tiffany, Dilkiran, and Atifa

Atifa Munshi

on 5 March 2013

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Transcript of In the Silence

By Dilkiran, Tiffany, Sahajpal, Krystin, and Atifa In the Silence Who is the protagonist in the story? Who or what is the antagonist? What type of character is the protagonist? Instances of Imagery Protagonist: Jimmy McDonald, round
Antagonist(s): the wild-range horses, the coyotes, eagles, Angus Duncan, flat Simile #1: "Loneliness was in him, filling him like a bitter food he couldn't digest"
(Curry 194-195)
Simile #2: "It was like listening to his mother talk when the sea was rough and the fishing boats were in danger" (Curry 195)
Metaphor #1: "Silence dropped over him in a smothering cloud" (Curry 195)
Metaphor #2: "lay as one dead" (Curry 195)
They make the story more realistic when they would compare it with something/someone in real life Metaphors, Similes, and Personifications In the short story "In the Silence", by Peggy Curry, she uses dramatic verbal irony in certain instances of the story. Throughout the story, the author refers to the brooch that Jimmy has. The readers know that it symbolizes home, in the hills of Scotland for Jimmy. But when in confrontation with a crazy man, Jimmy sells this story to the crazy man, that this brooch is very valuable and has a curse that allows the coin not to be stolen or killed for, but bargained for. This is how Jimmy stays alive by using dramatic and verbal irony. Irony and Foreshadowing This story has been told in an omniscient point of view. This is probably because the author wants us to get the basic gist of Jimmy's thoughts without being biased. It is written in 3rd person, with a god-like perspective of the story. Whose Point of View? Angus Duncan:
"Big red-haired man who towered above him" (Curry 190)
"Angus Duncan frosty blue eyes... from under the big red eyebrows"
Sense of Smell:
"Moved to the small fire with its smoke and fragrance of coffee" (Curry 192) Theme Paragraph
In the story “In the Silence” by Peggy S. Curry, Jimmy shows that if one believes in themself, they can accomplish anything they put their mind to. Firstly, 14 year old Jimmy wants to learn a new trade. “[Jimmy] left the hills of Scotland to come to Wyoming and learn the sheep business” (Curry 190). Jimmy has a lot to lose, therefore he cannot make any mistakes. Furthermore, Jimmy’s summer wages are all the long-tailed sheep that are left at the end of the summer. “If I could keep only half [long-tailed sheep] I would be a man of wealth… they would be prey to the coyotes, early snowstorms, and salt hungry horses” (Curry 193). This means that Jimmy would have to work extra hard to keep his sheep alive. Finally, an old crazy man came to take away Jimmy’s sheep, so he had to believe in himself to create a believable story. “If you steal this [brooch] a curse will be put on you, it cannot be stolen or killed for… now that he is making a story he ceased to be afraid” (Curry 195). Jimmy believed he could create a story
and make the crazy man believe it. Jimmy believed he could keep his sheep alive so he could become wealthy. For these reasons, Jimmy shows when one believes in themselves, they can accomplish anything.
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