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Clap Light

No description

Ann Whitney

on 31 January 2012

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Transcript of Clap Light

iClap2010 By
Samuel Cuellar
Andy Niemeier
Jared Shroyer
Ann Whitney How It Works Clap Twice Labview Light Turns On What Is It? The iClap2010 is a light system which turns on a light bulb when it registers two claps. Then after two more claps the iClap2010 turns the light bulb back off. Equipment Microphone High Pass Filter
cutoff frequency 20 rad/sec
used to reduce microphone noise AC Relay Control
10 Volt Relay Fan - used during testing Data Acquistion Board LabVIEW Signal Enters Clap Logic Timing Signal
Output Passes through Filter Removes microphone, instrument, and outside noise cutoff frequency of 20 rad/sec Passes through AC Relay The LabVIEW outputs a 10 Volt signal which triggers the AC Relay. The AC Relay is connected to an outside power source which gives the system enough power to turn on a light bulb. Demonstration
of iClap2010 iClap2010 What is it
Equipment used
How it works
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