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HSBC Vision

GBM 702

Jessica Turchet

on 20 September 2012

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Transcript of HSBC Vision

HSBC: A Sustainable Strategy Strategy:
to deliver a compelling vision for the long-term direction of the Group and to take action in the short term to deliver a better return for our shareholders Vision:
to be the world's leading international bank Vision:
To attract income over the long term, we must have the right strategy and products, so our customers will want to continue doing business with us. Our customers place their trust in us, so we must meet their expectations Platform:
A Sustainable Business ... small ... small Goals and Targets Vision:
to invest in the long-term prosperity of the communities we serve. We focus on young people – our future employees, customers, regulators and investors – helping them to reach their full potential. Platform:
A Sustainable Future Goals and Targets Key Performance
Indicator's -Community programmes should follow themes which are both globally significant and locally relevant (i.e. education)
-Our community investment programmes should use and engage our people
-Discovering languages, cultures and the natural world Community Investment -Dollar ($) amount towards educational projects worldwide

-Actual number days of employees who volunteered

-Amount of qualified teachers funded by HSBC Key Performance
Indicator's Vision:
At HSBC, we expect our employees to be: dependable, doing the right thing; open to different ideas and cultures; connected with our customers, communities, regulators and each other; and to act with courageous integrity, standing firm for what is right. These values and behaviours are key to ensuring HSBC remains a sound, sustainable and respected organisation, whilst delivering on our strategy. Platform:
A Sustainable Workforce Goals and Targets Key Performance
Indicator's Valuing Our Employees -to achieve sustainable cost savings of between US$2.5 billion and US$3.5
billion by 2013
-continue to position HSBC for economic growth
-to make a valuable contribution to the economy by paying dividends to our shareholders; salaries to our employees; payments to our suppliers; and tax revenues to governments in the countries and territories in which we operate Economic Development Serving Our Customers -helping people meet their long term ambitions
-reducing the avg. turnaround time for complaints Climate Business -reduce travel carbon emissions per employee
-reduce annual energy consumption by 1MWh per employee -Measure pre-tax profits (for payable dividends)

-Number of new mortgages (per year)

-Establishing an official complaints office, responsible for calculating turnaround time (in days)

-Business travel totals (in million km)

-Total carbon dioxide emissions (tonnes) -increase employee engagement
-We want a workplace where employees believe their views are heard; their concerns are addressed; where bias, discrimination and harassment are not tolerated; and advancement is based on merit and objectivity
-identify and develop high performers who have the capability and ambition for leadership in a challenging operating environment across our emerging and developed markets -Retrieve numbers from the Global People Survey (better work-life balance)

-Increase Diversity and Inclusion index (also on Global People Survey)

-Number of International Managers (HSBC programme) All info taken from: HSBC Sustainability Report 2011
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