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The Diary of Anne Frank

No description

vanessa silva roy

on 21 January 2013

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Transcript of The Diary of Anne Frank

Vanessa 802 The Diary Of Anne Frank The Diary Of Anne Frank Anne Frank The Diary of Anne Frank written by Anne Frank is a very interesting novel. One of the many reasons why I enjoyed this diary is because I enjoy reading things about the past, especially books about World War II. I found it interesting because I can learn about their lifestyle during this time period. Another reason why I liked this book is because Anne was very descriptive. For example, when she moved to the "secret annexe" she described very well what it looked like. I could picture it in my mind. The last reason why I enjoyed this novel is because I understood and learned more about World War II. Like, in the diary Anne said that Jewish people were not allowed to do certain things like; go to school with Christians, ride bikes, and lots more. I did not know this before I read this novel. I recommend this novel to anyone because you can learn about World War II and how Jewish people's lives became. Review 1929-1945 Anne is a 13 year old girl who lives in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Anne is also trying to survive World War II, with her family. Anne and her family are Jewish.They are not aloud to do many things. Jewish people are not aloud to: go to school with Christians, ride bikes, can not drive, have specific times to shop etc... All Jewish people have to wear a 6 pointed yellow star. This allows the German soldiers to know that they are Jewish. Anne Frank was born on June 12th, 1929 in Frankfurt, Germany.She lived with her sister Margot and her two parents in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Anne was Jewish and this caused lots of trouble during her lifetime. who is Anne frank? Anne Frank wrote a diary that was found in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Otto Frank, Anne's Father went back to Amsterdam and found her diary. In 1947 Anne Frank's diary was published. Later on in 1952, the diary was then translated from Dutch to English. Since then it has been translated into many languages. Anne Frank's diary was an important part of our history because it showed people how much people suffered during World war II. For Anne's 13th birthday, she received a diary so she decided to start writing daily. She named her diary "kitty". Anne would write what she did during the day and how she was surviving World War II. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anne_Frank Anne and her family had to go into hiding, this would be here new home. Anne had to move because of World War II, their lives were becoming in danger. They also had to go into hiding because they are Jewish, if they did not go into hiding Anne and the rest of her family could have been sent to a concentration camp or even worse get killed. The "secret annexe" was inside Anne Frank's father's work building. The "secret annexe" did not look like any other apartment; the door was made out of a bookshelf. There were three different floors in the "secret annexe". More Jewish people were living in the "secret annexe" like; Mr. and Mrs. Van Dann, Peter Van Dann, Albert Dussel and of course, Anne Frank, Magot Fank and Otto and Edith Frank. It was 1942 when the Frank family moved into the "secret annexe". Since they were in hiding Anne was not allowed to; open the windows, talk very loud, use to mush electricity, and the worst part is that they were not allowed to go outside the "secret annexe". Anne was only allowed to listen to the radio to catch up on the news. Anne had to grow up in the "secret annexe" with her whole family. At times Anne would think of the past and think about how her life was before she had to move to the "secret annexe". She used to have a normal life before World War II. During the time Anne lived in the "secret annexe", she and her family were low on food. They did not have a variety of foods; Anne would eat potatoes, vegetables, and more potatoes. Anne lived in the "secret annexe" for two year (1942-1944). Anne stopped writing in her diary in August of 1944. Anne was 15 years old when she ended her diary. Anne Frank passed away in March 1945 at a concentration camp. The concentration camp that Anne went to was the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. She passed away from a disease called typhus.
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