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Aboriginals In Canada

No description

Lucia O

on 27 April 2014

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Transcript of Aboriginals In Canada

Aboriginals In Canada
A Brief History
Sir John A. MacDonald purposely starved the Natives to move them to their reserves
Modern Day
Major Stakeholders
Type of Issue
Involves the people of the country
Violation of Rights
Residential Schools
Aboriginal youth are 5 to 7 times more likely to kill themselves than an average non-Native, according to Health Canada
Suicide Rates
In Pukatawagan, there have been 27 suicides in the last 4 years
The suicide rates in Inuit people are some of the highest in the world, almost 11 times higher
Around half of Aboriginals actually make it to grade 12 (James Anaya, UN Rapporteur)
Only 37 percent of Aboriginals that actually make it to grade twelve graduate
In 2010, 81 percent of high school students graduated in Ontario according to the ministry of education (Statistics Canada)
The government is heavily involved
It's all about policies and law
Lack of funding
Money directed in the wrong place
Destruction of habitat for development
Very little of the Boreal Forest left
The UN is being pressured to declare that Canada committed genocide against Aboriginals
The Federal Government
Canadian Citizens
Mining and Industrial Companies
Habitats and Animals
Current Legislation

Residential Schools
Ignoring medical concerns such as tuberculosis, worse than the country had ever seen before
By: Lucia Ostache
Drinking Water
Many people believed that the residential schools were the only way to "kill the Indian in the child" quote from Duncan Campbell Scott, a deputy superintendent of a residential school
According to the , 1,300 aboriginals, most of them children, were used as nutrition test experiments
Canadian Press
The conservative government is proposing a First Nations Education Act
The Aboriginal Education Act
Educate Canadians about what is happening within our borders
Educate Aboriginals about how to manage water treatment and sewage systems
"We have water fountains in the community store; for sewage, we still use outdoor washrooms"Ian Knott, a band councillor who oversees water and sewer projects
More than 120 aboriginal nations are under the water watch since October 31
Even if water if available, it's more than often contaminated due to improper treatment
The lack of fresh water has led to skin rashes and infections, diarrhea and other gastrointestinal illnesses
Aboriginals of Canada
Forced the children to forget their culture and language and learn English and English customs
There are reports that if the children did speak their native tongue they would get beaten or isolated
Most people claim that the children were physically and sexually abused
Canada is the first country to give Aboriginals a constitutional right
The government is working towards giving Aboriginals land claims
Schools have awful conditions
(The statistics above come from Health Canada)
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First Nations Education Act is a 'significant step forward,' Ottawa says.
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Clean running water still a luxury on many native reserves.
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The Indian Act
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Bernard Valcourt
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