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Peter and the Starcatchers: Character Map

No description

Brian McDonald

on 15 November 2013

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Transcript of Peter and the Starcatchers: Character Map

Peter and the Starcatchers: Character Map
by Brian McDonald

Peter is the protagonist of the novel.
Peter gained "leader" status by being the "oldest" and being able to spit the farthest.
" Peter was the leader of the boys, because he was the oldest. Or maybe he wasn't. Peter had no idea how old he was, so he gave himself whatever age suited him, and it suited him to always be one year old than the oldest of his mates."
"If Peter was 9, and a new boy came to St. Nobert's Home for Wayward Boys who said he was 10, why, then, Peter would declare himself eleven. Also, he could spit the farthest. That made him the undisputed leader." (pg. 1)
How Peter Acts:
At the beginning of the novel, Peter was trying to devise a plan so that he could escape and not have to go on the Never Land.
"Peter scanned the area for a place to run and hide." (pg.6)
"Peter's plan was to dart down the gangway just before they finished the job and disappear into the bustle on the wharf. He figured the ship's departure wouldn't be held up just for him, a mere boy out of five." (pg. 18)
Peter is also a very nice person because he looks out for the other boys and sneaks out at night on the Never Land to try and find food for his mates (the other orphans). "I'm going to look for food." Peter said (pg. 53)
Peter is also a very curious boy because when he went to find food, he ventured into the aft hold and sees a flying rat. Molly leads him out of the aft hold and gives him a loaf for him and his mates. He tells himself that he will find what is in the trunk.
" I'm going to find what's in there," Peter thought." (pg. 62)
Problems/conflicts that Peter has:
Between the beginning and the middle of the novel, Peter has to look out for his mates and has to try and get food for them since the other boys look up to him.
"And as he saw the hope return to the eyes of the other boys, Peter thought: "I need a plan." (pg. 45)
Peter has to deal with Molly lying to him about talking to the porpoises, threatening to tell Slank if he goes back to the aft hold to find out what's in the trunk, and Molly trying to tell him what to do.
"Thinks she can lie to me, does she? Thinks she can tell me what to do? Well I'll show her. I can do this myself, me and Alf. I don't need her help. Who does she think she is? (pg.95)
Peter also has to deal with not being able turn any older on, basically just being an immortal boy.
" I don't know, frankly," said Leonard. "There are few cases like yours, of a person surviving the exposure, and each one is unique. But it's possible that... that you..." Leonard hesitated. "That I what?" pressed Peter. "That you won't get any older." (pg.422)
Goals/solutions for Peter's problems:
How Peter Looks:
Peter is described as a bright orange haired boy with blue eyes.
"Among these, Alf noticed, was a group of 5 boys. They looked plainly scared, except for one, a wiry boy with bright orange hair- not the largest of the lot, but the one who seemed to be in charge. He had an air about him, Alf thought, the look of a boy that doesn't miss much." (pg.15)
"Then-he didn't know why- Alf looked toward the bow of the ship & found himself looking right into the startling blue eyes of the orange-haired boy." (pg.16)
To help Peter, Molly gives Peter a loaf of bread to share with the other boys.
"There's no time," said Molly. "Here, take this." She turned, snatched a brown- paper package from the bureau, and shoved it into his hand. "Now, go." (pg.60)
Peter forms an alliance with Alf so they can find out what is in the trunk.
"Little friend," Alf said, "those words are truer of me than they are of you." He moved closer, and put his head next to the boy's. "Tell me our plan."
To solve his problem of immortality, Peter decides to stay on Mollusk Island (after saving Fighting Prawn's life,Fighting Prawn allowed Peter and his mates to stay on Mollusk Island) and his mates stay with him. Leonard leaves Peter with something to protect Peter.
"No, I can see you're not," said Leonard. "You're a very brave young man. Perhaps a bit too brave for your own good. So if we're going to have to have to leave you- and it appears we are- I'm going to leave something with you, for your protection." (pg.445)
"It's a fairy," said Peter. "Yes," said Leonard. "Or at least that's the name that's been given to these creatures. So we'll call her that, Peter. She's your fairy, and she'll watch over you." (pg.448)
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